Green House Nutrients - Booster

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Powerful PK Booster - Expect to See Bigger and Better Fruits

Booster, from Green House Nutrients, is formulated with big doses of phosphorus and potassium, which give your plants a huge boost during the flowering stages. It also comes with magnesium and an array of trace minerals that will improve all-round growth and help to prevent deficiencies.

Green House are based in Amsterdam, and they are among the world's best known horticulturalists; they've sunk decades of their time and millions of euros into perfecting the art of indoor growing. With that kind of pedigree, you can rest assured that their products will deliver incredible results.

Works synergistically with Green House Powder Feeding (Grow, Short Flowering and Long Flowering).


  • Boosts levels of phosphorus and potassium
  • Produces great results in pretty much any medium or grow system
  • Helps to accelerate fruit production
  • Increases fruit size, adding weight to your harvest
  • Accelerates essential oil production
  • Improves and intensifies aromas and flavours
  • Works to regulate energy use within plants

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