Grasslin 7-Day Digital Time Switch

Grasslin 7-Day Digital Time Switch

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Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer

Simple, reliable and great value-for-money. The Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer is ideal for time-controlling your pumps and lighting contactor-switches. Grasslin are reknowned for their amazing reliability. Great product.

  • Grasslin – the preferred choice of timer used by thousands of growers
  • Programmable with a 20-space memory for 10 On-commands and 10 Off-commands over the course of a week
  • Well-made and very reliable
  • Includes random function
  • Ideal for controlling equipment over a weekly period
  • Includes a constantly On/Timed/Off override switch
  • Max load: 13A (3000W) resistive, 8A (2000W) inductive


1 x Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer with instructions

How the Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer Works:

The Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer will switch mains power to almost any electrical device up to 2000 Watts (or 3000 Watts if the load is non-inductive) according to a user-set program. The required on and off times are programmed in by using the program buttons on the face of the unit. Up to 10 On-times and 10 Off-times can be programmed in and be set to run on particular days, all week-days or every day. When the timer is plugged in, the clock will keep the time and activates a relay to switch electrical power to the socket on the front face according to the program you have set up. An override switch on the front of the timer allows the user to have the output follow the set program or to be put into Constantly-ON or Constantly-OFF mode. A "random" feature will switch power on and off in an irregular manner. When the timer is used with a household lamp, the random feature can be used as a burglar deterrent while you are away on holiday. The Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer has an internal battery backup so that it remembers times and programs when it is unplugged or in the event of a power cut.

How to Use the Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer

The Grasslin 24Hr timer can be used to switch on an electrical device according to a user-set program. The minimum On-time is one minute. Use the manual provided to set the correct time on the unit and to program your desired On and Off times. The Grasslin 7-Day Digital Timer can then be plugged into your wall socket and used to control pumps, lighting contactors, fans etc.

Although Grasslin Timers are notoriously rugged and dependable, they will still have a severely-reduced lifespan if they are used to switch lighting ballasts on and off directly. This is due to the high surge currents drawn by such lighting ballasts at switch-on. For the switching of lighting ballasts we very strongly recommend the use of a lighting contactor-switch such as the Powerstar Contactor-Switch or the Maxibright Maxiswitch Rt.