GHC Multifan Controller 5.4 amp

GHC Multifan Controller 5.4 amp

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GHC Multifan Controller 5.4 amp

Whether You're Running EC or AC, the GHC Multifan Brings Fan Speed Controllers Into the 21st Century

The GHC Multifan is one of the most technologically advanced fan speed controllers currently available, pushing environmental control and versatility to the next level. It's silent running, with no buzzing or humming, and it allows you to control both the temperature and humidity levels in your growroom. With the inclusion of a light sensor, you can even choose different settings for daytime and nighttime periods! And whatsmore, you can use it with practically any fan. Wow!

Note: GHC Progrow controller needs to be factory reset back to default settings prior to being setup for the first time.

  • An unbelieveable list of features for a knockout price
  • Can be used with AC and EC fans in any combination
  • Compatible with practically any duct fan, whether it's an AC (standard) or an EC fan (digital)
  • Allows you to set temperature and humidity settings for both day and night periods
  • Connects to the Smart VPD Controller for complete grow room control
  • Super quiet - generates no buzzing or humming 
  • Built-In balancer that allows you to regulate the difference between your intake and extraction
  • Ideal for use with Hyper Fans and Revolution Vector ECs
  • Optional humidity assistant that increases fan speeds when necessary to reduce excess moisture
  • Comes with a combined temperature, humidity & light sensor
  • Suitable for use with up to 5amps worth of fan equipment
  • LED display and easy-to-use interface (only one button!)
  • Comes with hanging brackets so that you can mount it to your wall
  • 3 metre power cable

This fan speed controller is not designed for use with Isomax fans. If that’s your intention, then please take a look at the SMSCom Hybrid Controller or the Control Freak instead.

How the GHC Progrow Works

The GHC Progrow is the most versatile fan speed controller on the market. Years of research and development have gone into the unit's software, which intelligently manages fan speeds, maintaining optimal conditions. For instance, when your lights switch on and off, the ProGrow detects the change with its light sensor, and the software ensures that temperatures move up and down as smoothly as possible, creating a more natural transition between day and night.

The ProGrow has LED indicators that indicate the current fan speed, while letting you know if the unit is actively making changes. There's also a warning light that tells you if there's an issue with the sensor equipment, or if the temperatures have been too far outside of your chosen ranges for longer than half an hour.

AC and EC - What's the Difference?
AC fans have been used by growers for decades. They include the Revolution Stratos range, RVKs, Gekkos and KSAs. EC (electronically commutated) fans are the new breed of digital fans which are frictionless, more efficient, more powerful and can be regulated with more accuracy. With this fan speed controller, you can upgrade to an EC extraction system without having to ditch all of your older equipment. Want to use an EC extraction fan and AC intake? That's no problem with the Progrow.

Using the Progrow Fan Speed Controller:

If you're using an AC fan, you can plug it directly into the intake or outake socket on the body of the unit. If you're using EC fans, you need to connect them to the unit using 3-pin controller cables. You can then plug your fans into a wall socket.

What Cables do I Need?

The GHC doesn’t come with any controller cables. To connect directly to a Hyper Fan or Vector EC, you’ll need a 5m Male to Male Cable (active and non-active versions will both work fine). The GHC has two sockets: one for your intake fan and one for your extraction, so if you wish to run two fans, you’ll need two cables.

Note that V1 Hyper Fans come supplied with a 5m Male to Male Cable, but Vector EC fans don’t.

If you're running V2 Hyper Fans, you'll also need to purchase an adapter for each fan because they now come with different connectors. Look for G.A.S Cable Pack 16.

Your Progrow controller unit is covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Please note that in the highly unlikely event of a fault, your GHC Progrow unit will need to be sent to the supplier for testing before the issue can be resolved.

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