Genesis - Bloom #3 Mush
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Genesis - Bloom #3 Mush


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Genesis - Bloom #3 Mush
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Joe's thoughts on this product: - Genesis nutrients have been a huge favourite of many loyal growers out there for years. Most suppliers get this product imported in its liquid form which results in a relatively high price. Ours is imported in a saturated paste form and is then very carefully made up to Genesis's high quality recipe, under stringent conditions in the UK.

All of our Genesis Nutrients have been carefully analysed and examined by Green Air Products themselves to ensure that they are exactly the same as the liquid imported ones. This gives you, the customer, the peace of mind that these are genuine products, exactly the same as you will find elsewhere - the only differences being that they are typically much cheaper than you will find elsewhere in the UK and they do not contain dye in the liquid to colour-code the different parts.

Genesis - Bloom #3 - 5 Litres

Genesis - Bloom #3 is part of the Genesis 3-part nutrient system for plants. Genesis 3-part nutrients have a loyal following among those who have come to know and trust it. Genesis Bloom #3 is used with Genesis Micro-Base during the flowering cycle for heavy blooms of excellent quality.

  • Genesis - known and loved by a loyal following of gardeners and professional growers
  • Bloom #3 - used with Genesis Micro-Base during the flowering cycle
  • Produces heavy blooms of excellent quality
  • For hydroponic use
  • Can be used in any hydroponic grow-medium
  • Use with other Genesis nutrient parts for superb results


1 bottle of Genesis - Bloom #3 (choose your size above)

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How Genesis - Bloom #3 Works

Genesis Bloom #3 is part of the 3-part nutrient made by Green Air products. The full range includes Grow #2, Micro-Base and Bloom #3. Bloom #3 is used with Micro-Base to create a complete hydroponic plant-food for use during the flowering cycle. It produces heavy blooms of the highest quality, economically and easily. Each part of the Genesis range is available separately to reduce wastage.

Genesis nutrients are produced by Green Air products. To keep prices down, Genesis nutrients are imported in a saturated-paste state and then re-hydrated in a very careful process by a licensed distributer. This results in a product of the same high quality as it has always been. Genesis has a very loyal folowing by gardeners and professional growers who are "in-the-know". Many of whom have been very relieved to see their trusted and reliable nutrient being made available again.

Using Genesis - Bloom #3

Genesis Bloom #3 is for use with Genesis Micro-Base during the flowering cycle when growing plants hydroponically..

Always shake the bottle well before use. Use the Genesis feeding schedule for the amounts to use. The exact dosages will depend somewhat on the size, hunger and health of the plants. As you gain experience with these products you may wish to experiment with the ratios of the parts and strengths of your feeds to produce your own feeding schedule which suits your personal preferences. As a guideline, fill your reservoir or feed-water container with fresh water and add equal parts of Genesis Bloom #3 and Genesis Micro-base at a rate of 1.5 - 4ml/litre of each and mix well. Add any other boosters that you wish to use and check and adjust the pH as necessary. Nutrient solutions should be replaced once per week.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Genesis Bloom #3 dosage: 1.5 - 4ml/litre

Genesis nutrient recommended pH Range: 5.5 - 6.3

Genesis Bloom #3 NPK: 3.1-6.8-8.2

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