Gavita Pro 300 Watt LEP (Plasma) STA41.02 - Air-Cooled Veg Light

Gavita Pro 300 Watt LEP (Plasma) STA41.02 - Air-Cooled Veg Light

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Full-Spectrum Lighting Fine-Tuned for the Vegetative Stages

The Gavita Pro 300 Watt LEP (Light Emitting Plasma) Air-Cooled Lighting Kit is a revolutionary new full spectrum grow-lamp. A 300 Watt LEP will cover the same area as a 600 Watt Metal Halide lamp but produces a wide light spectrum close to that of the sun and the lamp runs almost completely cool. This version (STA 41.02) emits a wide spectrum to produce great veg growth!

  • Revolutionary garden lighting technology
  • Gavita Pro - Professional horticultural lighting adapted for domestic use
  • Covers the same area as a 600 Watt Metal Halide lamp
  • Costs half as much to run as a 600 Watt Metal Halide lamp
  • Light Emitting Plasma lamp produces a very wide light spectrum which is close to that of the sun
  • This version (STA 41.02) is designed to produce a full spectrum for great veg growth!
  • Lasts around 30,000 hours
  • Also produces some UVA and UVB which stimulates more essential oil production
  • Can be used in the veg cycle and as supplemental lighting in flowering
  • Includes lamp and combined ballast & reflector
  • Ballast is contained in an air-cooled tube for convenient & efficient heat removal
  • 150mm Duct-fan, ducting and fixings required (not included)




1 x Combined 300 Watt Ballast and Reflector with fitted LEP lamp.

How the Gavita Pro 300 Watt LEP Works:

LEP (Light Emitting Plasma) lighting systems use a completely different technology to any other type of horticultural light on the market. The lamps themselves are incredibly small, about the size of a very small sweet and they contain a special gas which produces a light emitting plasma when excited by a special electromagnetic field. Because the lamp is driven by RF energy, there are no electrical contacts on the lamp itself. The special RF emitting ballast sits directly over the LEP lamp delivering it's RF energy straight into it. The light produced by the Gavita Pro plasma lamp is incredibly intense and the spectrum is very close to that produced by the sun. It has been said that it is like having your own miniature sun indoors!

Because the light produced by a Gavita Pro LEP is so different, it can't really be compared to other veg lamps by using lux and lumens. A 300 Watt LEP produces more photons than a Metal Halide and can therefore still easily cover a 1.5m x 1.5m grow area. Because the light has a wider spectrum your plants will also be healthier and happier. As if that wasn't enough, using a 300W LEP in flowering alongside 2 x 600 Watt HPS lights will greatly improve final crop quality with higher levels of essential oils. This is because the LEP's wide light spectrum includes blue light with a little UVA and UVB which stimulate oil production in plants. The more harmful UVC produced by the lamp is filtered out by the glass in the reflector for your safety.

The Gavita Pro LEP reflector has been specifically designed to give an impressively wide and even light coverage and is made of highly reflective Miro Aluminium. The ballast is enclosed in a 150mm tube which must be air-cooled with an appropriate size duct-fan and ducting. The lamp itself produces virtually no heat so the possibility of your plants suffering from heat damage is almost completely eradicated. LEP lamp life is very long and one should last about 30,000 hours which is equivalent to over 3 years of continuous use. Although LEP lighting systems may seem initially expensive, they cost about half as much to run as a 600 Watt Metal Halide lamp and require far less frequent lamp change-outs. This makes them a great investment that will save you money in the long-run.

How to Use the Gavita Pro 300 Watt LEP:

Simply hang the combined ballast & reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height using easy rolls or jack chain. The lamp and reflector glass are both factory-fitted. Attach your 150mm duct-fan to the end of the cooling tube using ducting and Duct Clips (not included) so air is sucked through it in the direction indicated on the tube. Although the Gavita Pro ballast produces only a small amount of heat, it is still necessary to ensure that the duct-fan is always running when the light is switched on. The air-flow does not need to be very high and adequate cooling will still be achieved with a 150mm duct-fan turned down to minimum with a fan-speed controller. To maintain garden efficiency, make sure that the reflector glass is kept clean.