Gavita Digistar 600E - 400w / 600w - Variable Output Digital Ballast

Gavita Digistar 600E - 400w / 600w - Variable Output Digital Ballast

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Gavita Digistar 600E - 400w / 600w - Variable Output Digital Ballast

Gavita Digistar 600E - 400w / 600w - Variable Output Digital Ballast

The Gavita Digistar 600e is an adjustable digital ballast with four output settings: 400w, 440w, 600w and 660w. It will drive either a 400w or 600w (standard 240v) high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp. Though its a pretty special ballast in its own right, it really comes into its own when teamed with a Gavita EL1 or EL2 Master Controller: the Digistar is equipped with an RJ socket and controller cable so that on and off times can be regulated from a central point for up to 80 lighting systems. This technology also comes with an array of new features including auto-dim, universal output level adjustment, auto-shutdown and sunrise/sunset mode.

Please note this ballast is NOT designed for use with 400v Greenpower lamps. Instead, use it with standard 240v lamps, ideally this one:Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp

  • Sublime build quality
  • Supplied with 3.0m kettle lead and 1.5m controller cable
  • Works in conjunction with Gavita EL1 or EL2 Master Controllers
  • Forms part of a complete automated lighting solution
  • Compatible with 400w and 600w MH and HPS lamps
  • Optimized for use with Enhanced Spectrum Gavita Lamps
  • Overdrive facilities (440w and 660w) for maximising light output


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Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp

Gavita EL1 Master Controller or the Gavita EL2 Master Controller


1 x Gavita Digistar 600e Ballast, 1 x 1.5m controller cable, 1 x 3.0m power lead with IEC connector

How the Gavita Digistar 600E Works:

The Digistar 600 watt variable output digital ballast converts mains electricity to the correct voltage and current to start-up and power a 400 or 600 Watt HPS or MH lamp by using a microprocessor to regulate a digital power-output system. Digital Ballasts produce a greater lumen output, are more economical on power and they don't degrade with age like core and coil style magnetic ballasts, which can often become noisy, use more electricity and produce fewer lumens as they get older.

There are four settings to choose from: 400w, 440w, 600w and 660w. The Gavita Digistar 600e achieves its best results when paired with a Gavita Enhanced Lamp, but it also runs standard 240v HPS and MH lamps very effectively. See below for a full breakdown (we recommend running metal halide lamps at their intended output):

Runs a 600w HPS at 400w, 440w, 600w and 660w settings
Runs a 600w MH at 600w
Runs a 400w HPS at 400w and 440w
Runs a 400w MH at 400w

Gavita Master Controller Functionality:

This Digistar ballast can be connected to a Gavita EL1 or EL2 using the supplied controller cable. This opens up a world of new possibilities; the main advantage being that you can regulate the switching of up to 80 of these ballasts from a single central point. The Master Controller relays information on timing schedules directly to the ballasts, so that power can be supplied continuously – you then can do away with your contactor/ timer set-up altogether!

Seasoned growers know that replicating plants' natural conditions as closely as possible is the key to successful indoor gardening. In the outdoors, the transition from light to dark (and vice versa) is very gradual. However, when using a contactor and timer, lighting switches on and off almost instantaneously. The Master Controller's sunrise/sunset feature takes care of this issue by easing the light levels up and down gently. You can even select the length of time that you'd like the lights to take to do this. The possibility of experiencing botrytis (rot) is then greatly reduced. If lights switch on suddenly, it takes a little while for the temperature of plant matter to reach an equilibrium with the temperature of the air in the room. During this period, the colder outer edges of fruits and leaves make contact with warm air. When warm air hits cold surfaces, condensation forms, and this causes big problems! Moisture sets into delicate areas, triggering botrytis (rot), which can devastate entire crops. By doing things gradually, you'll greatly reduce the chances of this ever happening. Further to this, the slow build-up in light output levels deals with issues to do with inrush current – a problem that can effect growers running multiple lighting systems.

The Gavita Master Controller also ensures that temperatures always stay within the correct range by dimming lighting whenever the grow area gets too hot. Just set the maximum temperature in the 'auto-dim' settings on the controller's display and the EL1 or EL2 will do the rest: whenever the probe detects that temperature levels have reached your chosen setting, the lighting output will automatically drop. This means that you can try increasing output levels without having to worry about burning the tops of your plants. There is also a temperature setting that you can program into the Master Controller that will tell the system when to shut down altogether in the event of an emergency. This feature ensures that you can operate with complete peace-of-mind at all times.

How to Use the Gavita Digistar 600E:

Please follow the supplied instruction sheet very carefully. Here is a quick breakdown:

Running the ballast with a contactor:

If you intend to use this ballast without the separate lighting controller, you'll need a contactor and timer to switch your lighting on and off at the correct times. Check the rating of the equipment to ensure that it can handle the Digistar's load. Hang your reflector centrally in the grow area and screw your chosen lamp (both items sold separately) into the reflector's E40 socket. Connect the reflector's kettle lead to the IEC socket on the ballast. Remove the power cable from the box and connect the IEC connector on one end to the ballast. The 3-pin plug at the other end can then be plugged into an output socket on your contactor. Full details on using contactors and timers can be found on the appropriate listings. Once you are happy that everything is correct, turn on the power at the mains supply.

Using the ballast with the Gavita Master Controller:

The EL1 or EL2 Master Controllers will switch these ballasts on and off without the need of a separate contactor and timer. Instead, you can power them continuously using one of the following items.

Green Power 4-Way Powerbox

Green Power 6-Way Powerbox

Green Power 8-Way Powerbox

See the separate listings for the EL1 and EL2 for full details on how to get the most out of this ballast with a complete lighting control system.