Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp for Digital Ballasts

Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp for Digital Ballasts

SKU: 126030
Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp for Digital Ballasts

PLEASE NOTE: This lamp is NOT for Gavita PRO 400V / 600W lighting systems. The correct lamp for those can be found here:Gavita Pro 600W EL / 400 Volt HPS Lamp

Gets the Best Out of Regular & Digital 230v Ballasts

Make the most of your digital ballast and get a Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS lamp! The Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS lamp has been designed specifically for use with digital ballasts. Digital ballasts run at a high frequency which can cause electrical resonance in the arc tube and cause the wire frame to distort. This lamp has an arc-tube designed for optimal output when fed from a digital ballast, and the wire frame has been re-inforced.

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  • Gavita - leading the way in horticultural lighting
  • Enhanced spectrum output makes it superb for the flowering/fruiting stage
  • 90,000 lumens output
  • Specifically designed to make the most of your digital ballast
  • Strengthened wire frame will not distort due to hf output of digital ballasts
  • Can still be used with standard core & coil ballasts


1 x Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp for Digital Ballasts

How the Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp Works:

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The Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS lamp for Digital ballasts is an enhanced spectrum lamp with a high 90,000 lumens output. It has been designed specifically to make the most of the power produced by digital ballasts. Digital ballasts run at a very high frequency - usually between 28 and 110 KHz. This frequency can cause an electrical resonance in the arc tube and cause the wire support frame to bend or distort. In the Gavita Enhanced lamp, the arc-tube has been chosen to produce the best light output characteristic when run at high frequency. The wire frame has been re-inforced to ensure that it doesn't bend or distort. This HPS lamp produces light mostly in the orange/red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering/fruiting.

Light spectrum output of the Gavita Enhanced HPS lamp:

How to Use the Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp:

Using a clean cloth to hold the lamp, screw the lamp into the E40 bulb-holder fitting of your reflector until it will turn no further. It is important that the lamp is screwed very firmly into the holder. Failure to fit the lamp tightly will cause electrical arcing inside the holder between the centre connector and the solder contact on the lamp. This will usually melt the solder contact of the lamp and irreparably damage it. Connect your reflector cable to your 600 Watt HPS ballast. The wattage of your ballast MUST match the wattage of the lamp you are using or there will be a high risk of fires or equipment damage. Ensure the lamp is completely clean and free of dirt, grease and finger-prints etc. before switching on.

Warning: Once the lamp is switched on it runs extremely hot. As with all high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps it is necessary to avoid touching the bulb with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion. Also, always allow sufficient time to allow the lamp to cool down after switching off before removing it from the holder.

The Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS Lamp is possibly the very best lamp available for use with a digital ballast. As with all lamps the light output it produces will decrease with use over time. One stop grow shop recommends you replace your lamp regularly to maintain your garden efficiency.

Lumen output: 90,000

Lumens per watt: 150

umol output: 1100

Product Code: 126030