FloraMax VegaFlora A&B


Size: 1 Litre A & 1 Litre B
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The Product of Fifty Years of Industry Experience

The developers of FloraMax are analytical chemists with fifty years of experience, and with 25 of those years dedicated specifically to the hydroponics sector. In that time, they've run countless, unbiased field tests, crops and trials, with feedback from a huge array of industry professionals.

FloraMax VegaFlora A&B is designed to be run right the way from seedling to harvest. It's used by commercial growers to squeeze out as much quality and yield as possible, in situations where tiny percentage gains make big differences. It's known for its stability, with only minimal pH fluctuation. It uses high-grade, refined ingredients, so it runs very cleanly, and it comes with an array of trace minerals in chelated forms, making them highly available to plants.



1 x set of VegaFlora A&B (one bottle of A and one bottle of B)


  • A high-grade two-part base nutrient that delivers the goods from seedling to harvest
  • Formulated by analytical chemists - the product of 50 years in the industry
  • Produces excellent results in pretty much any grow system or medium: hydro, coco or soil
  • Formulated for solubility - won't leave residues or cause blockages in your system
  • Remains stable for long periods - very little pH adjustment needed
  • No need for cal-mag solution or extra nitrogen
  • Contains super-available, chelated trace metals like Iron DTPA and Iron EDDHA
  • Extremely long shelf life - remains potent for ten years
  • Used at a rate of between 1.7ml and 3.0ml per litre


How To Use

You should generally avoid using airstones with VegaFlora, as there's the potential to cause adverse reactions. This is especially important if you're using organic additives.

Use VegaFlora at a rate of between 1.7ml and 3.0ml per litre.

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