FloraMax OrganaBud


Size: 1 Litre
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Clean Running, Ultra-Refined Kelp Extract

Kelp extract acts as an all-round plant tonic that reduces stress levels and speeds up growth. OrganaBud pushes things to new levels, utilising FloraMax's years of experience to isolate the compounds with the most extreme effects on growth rates. These isolated growth stimulants have much more potent effects.

Like the other products in the range, OrganaBud is formulated to run 'cleanly', leaving no residues or films on your equipment, which in turn prevents blockages.


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  • Contains concentrated extracts of Ascophyllum Nodosum - AKA kelp
  • Formulated to run extremely cleanly - doesn't foam up or leave residues
  • Made by analytical chemists, who've isolated and purified the most potent compounds
  • Add it to your reservoir at a rate of 1ml to 2ml per litre of nutrient solution
  • Used right the way through the grow and bloom stages
  • Increases the terpene profile - for better flavours and aromas
  • Stimulates growth and develops roots

How To Use

OrganaBud can be used through both the grow and bloom phases. Add it at a rate of 1-2ml per litre of nutrient solution.

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