Exodus Proflow - 24-Pot Hybrid System (65cm Pot Spacings)

Exodus Proflow - 24-Pot Hybrid System (65cm Pot Spacings)

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Exodus Proflow - 24-Pot Hybrid System (65cm Pot Spacings)

Cutting Edge Under-Current Hybrid System

The Exodus Proflow system takes the DWC concept and builds on it to form the most comprehensive & advanced system on the market. It implements an array of design features that centre around improving oxygenation levels. This, in turn, delivers massively accelerated growth rates and eye-popping yields.

  • State of the art under-current / dripper system hybrid
  • High-quality parts - the Rolls Royce of hydro systems
  • Delivers explosive root growth and truly enormous yields
  • Dual-layered - white outer to reflect light & heat & black inner to block UV
  • Reduces nutrient temps for enhanced oxygenation
  • Keeps nutrients evenly mixed
  • Hassle-free - maintain several 'bubblers' from the same tank!
  • Supplied with a 700 litre Flexi Tank - easy to transport, store and move through loft hatches
  • Float valve activated brain pot to keep containers topped up to the right level

Please note: the air pump is not included with the system and will need to be purchased separately

How the Exodus Proflow System Works:

Deep water culture (DWC) is a growing technique that requires very little medium, while delivering explosive results. Plants are suspended over heavily oxygenated nutrient solution in small net pots filled with clay pebbles. Roots grow down into the solution and thrive, delivering exceptional growth rates and yields. The team at Exodus Systems have taken this concept and pushed it to the next level, employing features that are at the cutting edge of the industry:

The Proflow utilises under-current technology: containers are linked together using large heavy-duty 50mm pipework; nutrient solution is pumped away from the brain pot and towards the far-end containers, which draws the nutrients evenly through every container in the system. This flow or 'under-current' ensures that nutrients are always evenly mixed, while maintaining massively elevated quantities of dissolved oxygen.

Each container also has its own dripper ring, meaning that you can employ traditional top-down feeding and DWC bottom-up feeding at the same time! This makes transplanting a hell of a lot easier. Previously, it was always necessary to handwater until roots had developed to the point where they could start to draw from the nutrient solution below. With a built-in dripper ring, you can now automated the whole process from the very beginning!

Both the dripper and the under-current system operate from the same pump, located in the brain pot. Two separate valves allow you to tailor the supply to your exact needs, so you can direct the nutrient-flow where its needed most.

Careful consideration has been put into selecting materials for the Proflow system. The team at Exodus have employed a clever new dual-layered design, with a white exterior and black interior. The white outer layer reflects light and heat, directing it back towards your plants, while the black inner layer ensures that root-zones are protecting against UV penetration. The combined effect of this is that nutrient temperatures stay as low as possible, preserving oxygen levels within the solution, assisting with nutrient uptake and helping to ensure that root diseases like pythium are never an issue.

This system utilises heavy-duty 6-inch baskets for housing the substrate (usually clay pebbles); they're quite unlike flimsier versions often found with inferior systems. They also feature an inverted 2-inch basket located in the undersides, which serves to increase oxygenation levels around the core of the root-zone.

420cm x 233cm x 38cm (not including Flexi Tank)

Flexi Tank capacity: 700 litre

Please note: Our grow systems are designed to provide years of trouble free use, having undergone rigorous testing and development. However, at One Stop Grow Shop, we believe that it's good practice to take a few simple precautions that will reduce the risk of leakages to practically zero. For complete peace of mind, secure pipework that's joined onto barbed fittings using jubilee clips or cable ties, and place run-off trays / floor secure sheeting underneath the system. It's much better to be safe than sorry.


Hose clip for use with 13mm flexi pipe

Hose clip for use with 25mm pro flexi pipe

Run-Off & Work Trays

Floor Secure Sheeting