Techboost EX:EL Pre-Mixed Foliar Spray
  • Exel tech foliar spray group
  • 110840
  • 110845

Techboost EX:EL Pre-Mixed Foliar Spray


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Techboost EX:EL Pre-Mixed Foliar Spray
  • Exel tech foliar spray group
  • 110840
  • 110845

Boost Growth, Reduce Stress, Prevent Nutrient Lock-Out! 

Techboost EX:EL has been specially formulated by Super K's Pro Nutes as a Bio-Stimulant Pre-Mixed Foliar Spray. Formulated from high quality seaweed and unique amino acids, Techboost EX:EL will help prevent nutrient lock-out and reduce heat stress. Used twice a week from veg to flower, you can expect increased new plant growth with a vigorous canopy.

  • Formulated with high quality seaweed & unique amino acids
  • Uses active foliar technology (AFT)
  • Prevents nutrient lock-out
  • Reduces heat stress
  • Encourages even nutrient uptake
  • Contains more polyphenols for all plant related issues
  • Increases new plant growth for a vigorous canopy
  • Promotes new root growth


Your choice of size of a 1 litre foliar spray or a 5 litre refill (choose your size above)

How Techboost EX:EL Foliar Spray Works

Techboost EX:EL Foliar Spray utilises active foliar technology (AFT), this enables the spray to be used while the lights are on in your grow space. Within 20 minutes the formula will be fully absorbed into the plant. Using Techboost EX:EL will greatly increase new plant growth, aswell as promoting incredible root growth.

How To Use Techboost EX:EL Foliar Spray:

Before spraying Techboost EX:EL it is highly recommended that you raise the lights within the grow space to avoid any chance of burn. Once the lights have been raised you can spray plants upto twice weekly all the way through vegative growth and upto the second week of the flowering period.

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