Euro Mirrored CFL Reflector Kit

OMEGASKU: K-764420

Lamp: 130w Super Cool
Sale price£39.99

Euro Mirrored Reflector CFL Kit

The Euro Mirrored Reflector CFL Kit is an incredibly good value way to get your fingers green and start your first grow! It also works fantastically as a propagation light. The Euro Mirrored Reflector is specially designed to support the heavier CFL lamps we stock and has a highly reflective mirror finish to reflect down every last lumen of light possible, it also comes pre-wired with a UK plug. Alongside the Euro Mirrored Reflector you get a choice of LUMii CFL lamps from 130w-200w, in either Super Cool, Cool White or Warm White with the 'Cooler' lamps tailored towards vegetative growth and the 'Warmer' towards flowering. CFL Lamps have a built in ballast too so you have every thing you need in one easy kit!

How the Euro Mirrored Reflector CFL Kit Works

Using a dedicated CFL Reflector will always give you much better results from your compact fluorescent lamp than trying to make do with a standard HID reflector. The Mirrored Euro CFL Reflector has a highly reflective, mirrored finish to reflect every last lumen from your CFL lamp down to the plant canopy and is very strong and durable to support the heavyweight CFL lamp. CFL lamps don't generate to much heat so this reflector allows them to be kept close to the canopy giving your plants more intense light to use and thrive.

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1 x Euro Mirrored Reflector
1 x LUMii CFL lamp of your choice


  • Outstanding value-for-money
  • Specially designed to support heavy CFL lamps
  • Highly reflective, mirrored finish reflector
  • Quality, reliable components
  • Lightweight yet very strong and sturdy
  • Energy Efficient, save money on electricity!
  • Works well as either a budget grow light kit or as a propagation light.
  • Your choice of CFL lamp and wattage

How To Use

Hang the reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height. Our Easy Rolls (Pair), Rope Ratchet Hangers or Jack Chain are ideal for this.

Important: By holding ONLY the base of the CFL, screw the lamp into the lamp-holder in your reflector securely and firmly but be careful not to overtighten. Also take care to avoid cross-threading. Make sure that you only grip the base of the lamp and NEVER the glass.  The glass is delicate and you risk damaging or breaking it.

The lamp needs to be screwed into the lamp holder firmly and securely without overtightening. If it is not screwed in properly then electrical arcing can occur between the centre contact of the lamp and the lamp-holder. This melts the solder contact on the bottom of the lamp, causing irreparable damage and making it unusable. Make sure that the lamp is clean and completely free of fingerprints, and other contaminants. Finally, make sure that your reflector is hung at the correct height.

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