Elite 91 - Myco Jordan

Elite 91 - Myco Jordan


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Elite 91 - Myco Jordan

Fortify Rootzones with Myco Jordan, for Massively Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

Myco Jordan contains an extremely concentrated form of the mycorrhizal fungi Globus intraradices (at 500 spores per gram). It creates a protective colony that forms an extra layer that around the rootzone, increasing the surface area, while warding off pathogens. This drastically improves nutrient uptake, which in turn speeds up overall plant growth.

  • Elite 91 – a smash hit on social networks
  • Forms a defensive fortress around the rootzone
  • Brings the very best from the rest of your nutrient regimen
  • The most powerful strain of beneficial fungi
  • Accelerates root development – stronger roots
  • Speeds up overall plant growth
  • Improves cutting success rates


1 x packet of Elite 91 Myco Jordan (choose between 227g and 454g)

How Myco Jordan Works

Globus intraradices is a powerful strain of endomycorrhiza that quickly colonises the substrate, forming a kind of 'web' around the root structure. This increases the overall surface area of the roots, which in turn improves nutrient uptake. Using mycorrhizal products helps to squeeze every last bit of performance from the rest of your nutrient regimen, and better use of nutrients makes for bigger and better plants!

At the same time, when colonising rootzones with beneficial microorganisms, you also help to ward off harmful pathogens. Using Myco Jordan reduces the likelihood of encountering root diseases like pythium, and it even helps to protect plants against drought, though you shouldn't use that as an excuse to get lazy and let your plants dry out too much! Look for Elite 91 on social networks to see how powerful this range is.

How to Use Myco Jordan

Seed treatment: give your seeds a light dusting before planting.

Cuttings: Pre-soak your rooting plugs with a solution made up of 1-2 teaspoon(s) of Myco Jordan per US gallon (3.78 litres). This translates to around 0.25 – 0.50 teaspoons per litre. Note that it’s difficult to overdo it with beneficial microbes so don’t worry if the dosage isn’t followed to perfection.

Transplanting: dust the roots of each plant along with the transplantation site before moving them to their new containers.

For established plants, you can ‘top up’ beneficial microbes by adding Myco Jordan to water at the same rate as is needed for taking cuttings, i.e. 0.25 – 0.5 teaspoons per litre.

If using with a hydroponic system, add at a rate of between ½ and 1 cup for every 50 US gallons (189 litres). This translates to around 75g – 150g for a 200-litre tank. 

Don’t let your EC levels get too high when introducing mycorrhizae. High concentrations of mineral salts can prevent populations form taking hold. It’s a good idea to run your nutrients at half strength when adding Myco Jordan.

If you're running your plants run-to-waste, you can maximise the effectiveness of Myco Jordan by soaking the substrate before adding it in.

Excess run-off is unnecessary and, in this case, wasteful. Keep those beneficial organisms inside the containers, where they're needed!

Keep the powder away from direct sources of light, as this can kill of some of the fungi.

Do not inhale the powder.

Myco Jordan has a shelf life of two years. Microbial populations will stay intact if kept at the recommended storage temps of between 8 and 29 degrees Celsius.

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