Ecothrive Charge 1 litre - Insect Frass Powder

Ecothrive Charge 1 litre - Insect Frass Powder

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Nature's Growth Stimulator

Charge is an all-natural product that comprises of 100% insect frass and a magical ingredient called chitin. Chitin stimulates plants' natural defense systems, which in turn triggers rapid increases in growth and development. Feedback from customers has been exceptional, with gardener after gardener vowing never to grow without it again. You won't be disappointed!

  • Triggers explosive growth rates in soil and coco
  • An all-natural, eco-friendly product
  • Consists of mealworm castings (beetle larvae excrement)
  • A slow-release source of primary macro nutrients (NPK 3:2:3)
  • Jam-packed with beneficial bacteria - 450 million per gram!!!
  • Promotes root health & development
  • Contains no insects or eggs
  • Approved by the Soil Association


1 x litre pot of Ecothrive Charge

NPK: 3:2:3
Also contains: calcium, magnesium, sulphur, copper and zinc
450 million units of colony forming beneficial bacteria per gram

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How Ecothrive Charge Works

Ecothrive Charge is a natural product that's produced from the castings of mealworms, otherwise referred to as beetle larvae excrement or 'frass'. Though it sounds unappealing to humans, to plants this stuff is pure gold. It contains a good level of slow-release macronutrients (NPK 3:2:3) that will accelerate growth and improve overall plant vigour, aswell as a magical ingredient called chitin. Chitin is commonly found in the cell walls of insects, and it triggers a kind of 'fight or flight' style response from plants that stimulates their natural defense systems. The effects are, quite simply, staggering.

Charge has gained a huge following among horticultural experts and enthusiasts and has even been instrumental in producing numerous competition winning crops

How to use Ecothrive Charge

Ecothrive Charge is an absolute doddle to work with – mix it with your growing medium at a rate of around 1-2% of the total volume - or 10ml - 20ml per litre. If your soil is pre-fertilised with a high level of nutrient, keep to the 1% mark to avoid over-fertilising. Charge continues to release nutrients for around 3-4 weeks.

Top Dressing
3-4 weeks after the initial treatment, you can then 'top dress' containers by sprinkling Charge over the substrate at a rate of 0.75g - 1.5g per litre of medium. That's one 20ml to 40ml scoop per 10 litre container.

Foliar Feed
Charge can also be administered as a foliar feed, mixed at a rate of 1-2g per litre of water or as compost tea (again, mixed at a rate of 1-2g per litre of water). In both cases, you should ideally use dechlorinated water, or at the very least, leave your tap water in a container to stand overnight before use.