DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller
  • Dli controller
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  • Dlm sockets

DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller

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DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller
  • Dli controller
  • Dlm side on %28right%29
  • Dlm side on
  • Dlm sockets

Manages up to 1020 DLI Fixtures While Optimising your Grow Room, for Bigger and Better Crops

The DLM (Daily Lighting Management) Controller will help you to create the perfect growing environment by optimising the running of up to 1020 DLI grow lights. Regulating multiple units from a single controller makes life much easier for the grower, and features like 'auto-dim' help to maintain environmental conditions that facilitate peak photosynthesis. By activating 'sunrise / sunset' mode, you can also ease plants in and out of light periods gradually, mimicking the sun, and reducing the likelihood of encountering issues like botrytis (rot). Highly recommended!

  • Maximises yields by fine-tuning lighting output
  • Replaces your contactor and timer, adding a host of extra features
  • Built by Pepijn Looijaard and Ton ten Haaf, physicists and former engineers at Philips
  • Very easy to set up and program, with a simple menu system
  • Each zone can have 1 sensor and control up to 255 lights
  • Manages up to 4 zones from one controller for a total of 4 sensors and 1020 lights
  • Auto-dims when the environment gets too hot
  • Comes with a back-plate for mounting the unit to a wall
  • Reduces the odds of experiencing issues like botrytis (rot)
  • Six languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Mandarin


1 x DLM-4 Zone controller unit, 1 x back plate (for mounting to a wall), 4 x screws, 1 x high acuracy temperature sensor, 1 x 4ft RJ12 cable, 1 x 16ft RJ12 cable, 1 x power supply, 1 x splitter

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How the DLM-4 Zone Works:

When you purchase one or more of the excellent DLI lighting fixtures, you're going to need a way to switch them on and off according to your chosen lighting cycles (generally 18 hours on / 6 hours off for veg, and 12 hours on / 12 hours off during the flowering stages). Basic switching can be accomplished using a suitably specced contactor and timer. Doing it this way will certainly get the job done, but it also places limits on what can be acheived with the tech that's integrated into the lighting fixtures. To really get the best out of your DLI lighting systems, you can't beat using them with the DLM-4 Zone controller unit. Connect your fixtures directly to mains sockets (no timers or contactors needed), and then regulate 'on & off' times and output levels through the controller via the included RJ12 data cables (see the set-up diagrams further down the page).

Activate 'sunrise / sunset' mode and you can ease in and out of light periods gradually, mimicking the sun. This helps to prevent issues with botrytis (rot) by reducing levels of condensation, which occurs when warm air hits cold surfaces. When lighting switches on instantaneously (as it does with a contactor and timer), the air in the room heats up before plant materials have a chance to catch up, and this can cause big problems... By introducing lighting gradually, you can help to protect your crop.

'Auto-dim' and 'auto-shutdown' modes regulate the output level of each lighting fixture, turning them down when conditions go above (user-set) ideal temperatures, and turning lighting off altogether if temps exceed your chosen safety level.

How to Use the DLM-4 Zone:

As always, read the manual carefully before you attempt to set your lighting system up. The diagram below gives you an example of how to connect DLI lighting fixtures to the controller. 

DLI Data Cable Arrangement

The DLM-4 Zone controller handles a maximum of four zones. Each zone is capable of handling 255 lighting systems and one temperature sensor. Each zone can also be programmed with separate on / off times and separate features (see the list below).

Temperature sensors can be positioned anywhere within the wiring network of each zone, allowing you to place the sensor wherever it is needed in the room. Just make sure that you don't keep the sensor under direct light, as this can affect the readings.

Keep the output dials on the underside of your lighting fixtures turned to 'controller'. This will enable them to be regulated by the DLM-4 Zone.

Connect the data cables before connecting the IEC power cables and powering.

You can see from the image below that the programming of each zone has been made extremely simple.

DLM-4 Zone Menu Zone

'Wattage' – Choose the type of lighting fixture

'Output Max' – Selects the maximum output level for your lighting

'On at' / 'Off at' – Programs on and off times

'Dim at' – Selects the temperature at which your lights start to dim (to keep room conditions optimal)

'Stop at' – Selects the emergency shutdown temperature

'Sun R/S time' – Switches on, and also sets the sunrise / sunset mode, which ease lighting in and out gradually

'Sensor' – Allows you to select which zone's temperature sensor to use, which is useful if you have multiple sensors


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