Diamond Lightite 125mu Sheeting With Thermal Layer

Diamond Lightite 125mu Sheeting With Thermal Layer


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5 metres

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Diamond Lightite 125mu Sheeting With Thermal Layer

Diamond Lightite - Diffuses Light Evenly, Eliminating Hotspots

Useable light levels have a direct impact on plant growth and yields - that's why it makes sense to invest in the best quality reflective sheeting you can afford. Diamond Lightite sheeting reflects and diffuses light evenly, avoiding hotspots that can cause damage to leaves and fruits.

  • Highly reflective – efficiently reflects light back towards your plants
  • Manufactured in Great Britain - don't accept inferior knock-off versions!
  • Completely prevents light leaks from your grow-space - fully light-tight
  • Diamond pattern reflects light more evenly than mylar
  • Resists transferring heat from one side of the sheet to the other
  • Thick and durable at 125mu (125 microns)
  • “Membrane memory” dramatically reduces creasing effect
  • Drastically reduces hot-spots compared to standard mylar
  • PET coated membrane to protect against corrosion and wear
  • Available in 5m, 10m, 30m and 100m rolls
  • 1.25 metre width
  • Can be cleaned with a 5% bleach solution
  • Uses food grade material


Diamond Lightite sheeting with thermal layer - choose the roll length above

How Diamond Lightite Sheeting Works

Compared to normal sheeting, Diamond Lightite is far more crease-resistant and incorporates a diamond diffusion pattern for more even light reflection, preventing "hot-spots". As an added bonus, Lightite Diamond Diffusion Foil is 100% light-tight and can be used to prevent light leaks from your grow-space. An internal thermal layer provides some heat insulation from one side to the other.

How to Use Diamond Lightite Sheeting

Diamond Lightite sheeting can be hung around your grow-space and indeed anywhere in your grow-room – on walls, even on the ceiling, in fact anywhere that light needs to be reflected back towards the garden. Diamond Lightite can also be used over windows etc. to prevent light escaping from your grow-room. The thermal layer will also help extremes of hot or cold affecting your garden and will also help stop heat in your garden from leaking out.