Cyper Mite Pest Control Foliar Spary

Cyper Mite Pest Control Foliar Spary

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Cyper Mite Pest Control Foliar Spary

Extremly Fast Acting, Cyper Mite Mulit Purpose Pest Control

Designed to eradicate of a number of different pests in one bottle. Cyper Mite is a fast acting insecticide that will coat and penetrate the your plants quickly, eradicating spider mites, aphids, caterpillars and beetle infestations. You can use Cyper Mite on a range of plants, including fruits and vegetables. Cyper Mite can also be used as a preventative treatment spary during the dark period every 10 days.

  • Eradicates a number of pest problems
  • Can be used as defence against pests when used preventatively
  • Incredibly fast acting systemic insecticide
  • Ready to use
  • Can be used during both growth and bloom


1x Cyper Mite Pest Control Foliar Spary 1 Litre

How Cyper Mite Pest Control Foliar Spary Works:

This powerful systemic insecticide coats your plants in a substance called Cypermethrin 0.05g/l (0.005%). This chemical treats a wide variety of problem pests however it should be noted that beneifical insects such as bees and spiders will be adversley effected by this product.

How to use Cyper Mite Pest Control Foliar Spary:

Always spray Cypermite during the lights out period, coating as much of the plants surfaces as you can. The lights need to be off to stop the potential of leaf burn. Cypermite works as a preventative measure but can also be used for its curative action and as an extra line of defence against pests. Ideally, it should only have 2 applications per crop with at least 10 days between uses. Always take care when using pesticides and wash hands after use!

Note: This product is extremly effective at eliminating pests but also will harm beneficial insects such as bees as well, use with extreme caution and always keep away from sources of open water where fish or other pond life reside. Always wash your hands throughly after use.