Citrus Magic Deodorising Spray

Citrus Magic Deodorising Spray


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Citrus Magic Deodorising Spray

Citrus Magic

Citrus Magic spray is a very effective deodorising spray made from organic oils which comes in a non-aerosol pressurized can. A quick blast of Citrus Magic spray eliminates unwanted odours naturally and lasts for up to 4 times longer than most other deodorizing sprays. Keep a can handy just in case!

  • Citrus Magic – highly effective deodorizing spray
  • Made with organic oils
  • Lasts up to 4 times longer than most other air fresheners
  • Ozone friendly – does not contain any propellants
  • Recyclable container
  • Highly concentrated and economical – only a small amount of spray is needed
  • Eliminates unwanted odours naturally


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Orange Vanilla Swirl 103ml
Orange 103ml
Orange 170ml
Grapefruit 103ml
Tropical Citrus 103ml
Tropical Citrus 170ml

How Citrus Magic Works

Citrus Magic spray contains a highly concentrated spray containing real organic citrus oil and no man-made chemicals. It is supplied in a pressurized can but contains no dangerous propellants. Citrus Magic spray replaces unwanted odours with a refreshing fragrance and lasts for a surprisingly long time. In fact, it is so effective that a quick blast aimed high into the centre of a room can last up to four times longer than most other deodorizing sprays. Citrus Magic  spray is so concentrated only a small amount is required for highly effective results. Great little product!

Using Citrus Magic

Citrus Magic spray can be used almost anywhere to get rid of unwanted smells and to replace them with a very pleasant fragrance. Only a small amount needs to be used to be highly effective. Simply aim high into the centre of a room and spray a squirt or two. The fragrance will spread quickly replacing any unwanted smells or unpleasant odours.

Always direct spray away from the face. Avoid direct skin contact as this may cause irritation. If contact occurs, wash with soap and water. Do not spray onto plastics, acrylics or painted surfaces due to the corrosive nature of citrus

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