Canna Mono Trace Mix 1 Litre


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Size 1 litre

Canna Mono Trace Mix 1 Litre

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Canna Mono Trace Mix 1 Litre

Canna Mono Trace Mix contains 6 trace elements necessary for good plant-health. Canna Mono Trace Mix can help clear up deficiencies of these micro-nutrients or to prevent them happening in the first place.
  • Canna – Well-known and long-standing brand - trusted by thousands of growers world-wide
  • Contains 6 trace elements required for healthy plant growth.
  • Helps prevent a lack of micro-nutrients
  • Helps clear up micro-nutrient deficiencies
  • Can be used with almost any nutrient

Canna Mono Trace Mix 1 Litre contains:

1 Litre of Canna Mono Trace Mix

How Canna Mono Trace Mix 1 Litre works:

In addition to the main nutrients (N, P, K) and secondary nutrients (Ca, Mg, S), plants also require small amounts of certain trace elements. Quality plant feeds contain enough of these elements for healthy plant growth. However, cheap plant-foods are often short in these elements. A lack of these elements will cause the plant to grow slowly, have discoloured leaves or generally look sick. Micro-nutrient deficiencies can be caused by pH problems or simply a lack of these elements in the feed. Usually it is a good idea to rule out pH problems first by using a quality pH tester and keeping a careful eye on the acidity of your plants feed water. If your plants still do not recover then Canna Mono Trace Mix can be used to provide these necessary elements. Trace Mix contains all 6 micro-nutrients in the correct proportions. Canna Mono Trace Mix can also be used as a supplement in your normal feeding schedule to guard against deficiencies in these micro-nutrients. We would generally advise that if your plant-feed causes deficiencies then it would be wise to switch to a quality brand.

Using Canna Mono Trace Mix 1 Litre:

Canna Mono Trace Mix can be used at any stage in a plant's life. To use as a supplement and preventative, add Canna Mono Trace Mix at a rate of 1ml/litre in your feed water. To help plants recover from a deficiency use at a rate of 2ml/litre for until healthy growth begins and then continue to use at a rate of 1ml/litre. Be careful not to over-use Canna Mono Trace Mix as this may cause over-feeding problems.
Canna Mono Trace Mix contains:
0.06% Iron (Fe) DTPA & EDDHA
0.07% Molybdenum (Mo)
0.06% Copper (Cu)
0.6% Manganese (Mn)
0.3% Boron (B)
0.3% Zinc (Zn)