Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre

Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre

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Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre

Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 2 Litre

A repotting mix specially formulated for growing cacti, containing environmentally friendly peat, graded sand, grit and loam, providing excellent drainage and a nutrient supply that will last up to 6 weeks. Your cacti will love it!

  • Cactus-specific repotting mix
  • Promotes healthy root growth
  • Contains enough nutrients to last up to 6 weeks
  • Free draining mixture
  • Ready to use, straight from the bag


2 litres of cactus-specific repotting mix

How Cactus Focus Repotting Mix Works:

Successful indoor growing is about replicating a plant’s natural outdoor conditions as closely as possible and this is certainly no different for cacti, one of the most popular plant species among indoor horticultural enthusiasts. Cactus Focus Repotting Mix’s unique blend of selected peats, graded sand, grit and loam provides a smooth consistency that your cactus roots will love, closely matching the conditions of their natural habitat and delivering the perfect balance between moisture retention and aeration, with free flowing drainage.

Using Cactus Focus Repotting Mix:

Open the bag and pour the Repotting Mix into a bucket or similar container. Sometimes large clumps can form during storage and transit, so work the mixture inside the bucket with your hands to help it regain its smooth texture. With great care, remove your cactus from its original container, loosen the root ball slightly and remove any excess soil. You can then cut away any dead or unhealthy roots using a sharp knife or a pair of scissors. As always, ensure that any cutting instruments are properly sterilized before use to remove the chances of passing on pathogenic bacteria or fungi. Add a layer of Cactus Focus Repotting Mix to the bottom of your container and place your cactus on the top, gently working it into the soil before adding extra repotting mix to the sides. Give it a quick pat down around the edges, and keep adding new substrate until just below the rim. Water well without using any nutrient, allowing at least 10% run-off. Keep your cactus out of direct sunlight and prefereably in the shade for the following three weeks to allow roots to grow. There’s no need to apply any nutrient at this stage, as Cactus Focus Repotting Mix contains enough to last for up to 6 weeks.

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