BubbleGen V1.0 - Twin Jet Bubble Generator
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BubbleGen V1.0 - Twin Jet Bubble Generator

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BubbleGen V1.0 - Twin Jet Bubble Generator
  • 82940 bubblegen
  • 82940 bubblegen close up
  • 82940 bubblegen filter

Oxygenate and Circulate Nutrients with a Single Water Pump – No Need for Separate Air Pump Equipment

The BubbleGen promotes rapid growth and development by aerating and circulating nutrients at the same time. Roots love the cool, super-oxygenated water that the BubbleGen creates - and as we all know, healthy roots make for bigger and better plants.

  • Performs two roles in one, oxygenating the solution while keeping nutrients evenly mixed
  • Very easy to install - attaches to a water pump, and comes with only two connecting pipes 
  • Removes the need for air pumps and airstones
  • Very low noise levels - quiet and discreet
  • Highly effective with any growing method - soil, coco and hydro
  • Helps to keep the temperature of the solution as low as possible
  • Can be used in conjunction with separate chiller units, if necessary
  • Capable of pulling air in from outside the room (to further cool nutrients)
  • Compatible with most water pumps that move up to 4000 litres per hour
  • Helps to maintain populations of healthy aerobic bacteria
  • Removes dust and pollen by filtering the air
  • Lasts almost indefinitely, as it contains no moving parts


1 x BubbleGen 1.0 (comes with three suction pads), 1.5 metres of 8mm delivery hose, 1 x air filter (to remove dust and pollen), 1 x short length of 13mm flexi pipe, 2 x cable ties

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How the BubbleGen V1.0 Works

The BubbleGen is a simple but highly effective bit of kit that circulates nutrients while aerating your reservoir tank at the same time. Before the BubbleGen came around, this was done using separate pieces of equipment. You'd have an external air pump that sat outside the tank, pulling air in from the room. This would be connected via airline tubing to an airstone that sat inside the tank delivering bubbles of air. At the same time, you'd typically have a pump sat inside the tank to keep nutrients evenly mixed.

The BubbleGen allows you to do both jobs with a single water pump by utilising a phenomenon known as Bernoulli's Principle - no need for a separate air pump and airstone! Here, your circulation pump does all of the work instead. As the pump drives liquid through the BubbleGen, air is automatically pulled in from outside the tank via the external filter. The water that gets blasted out is agitated and rich with oxygen, creating a vortex that keeps nutrients evenly mixed.


How to Use the BubbleGen V1.0

The BubbleGen comes with a filter unit, a main body, two lengths of pipe and some cable ties to secure your pump. The filter unit sits outside of your tank pulling in air, and the main body sits in the nutrient solution at the bottom of your tank. The two are connected via a 1.5 metre length of 8mm delivery hose. Attach a pump to the main body using the short length of pipe, and any nutrient solution that gets forced through the unit becomes infused with oxygen.

An instruction sheet can be found inside the box.

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