Botanicare Pure Blend Tea
  • Pure blend tea
  • Pure blend tea 3.78l
  • Pure blend tea 240
  • Pure blend tea 960

Botanicare Pure Blend Tea


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Botanicare Pure Blend Tea
  • Pure blend tea
  • Pure blend tea 3.78l
  • Pure blend tea 240
  • Pure blend tea 960

A Growth-Accelerating Compost Tea that Won't Block Up Your Grow System

Compost teas have been the secret weapon of competition-winning organic growers for generations. These teas provide an enormous array of beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as naturally occurring growth hormones, cytokines and auxins. The experts at Botanicare have spent years coming up with a formula that offers all of these benefits in a completely water-soluble form that can be used in active systems, so that anybody can experience the benefits. Very highly recommended!

  • Botanicare - one of the USA's most popular nutrient ranges
  • A highly potent organically derived compost tea
  • Can be used in any substrate or grow system
  • Works alongside any base nutrient - regardless of whether it's organic or mineral
  • Increases terpene and essential oil production for enhanced flavours and aromas
  • Can be added while flushing to prevent deficiencies
  • Makes a great tonic for sick or stressed plants
  • Rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates, humates and fulvic acid
  • Contains an array of growth hormones, cytokines, auxins and enzymes
  • Enhances uptake rates, making better use of other nutrients
  • Improves brix (sugar) levels within the plant
  • Highly water soluble - won't leave residues or cause blockages


1 x bottle of Pure Blend Tea (choose your size above)

How Pure Blend Tea Works

Pure Blend Tea gives you many of the growth-enhancing benefits of traditional compost teas, but in a way that’s quick and easy. Traditional compost teas are made by 'bubbling' ingredients for extended periods of time, but Pure Blend Tea gives you the same benefits in an instant. Like every product in the Botanicare range, a lot of work has gone into its formulation - it's highly soluble, so it won't leave behind any residues that, over time, can end up causing blockages in your system.

It contains an array of trace minerals, cytokines, naturally occurring growth hormones, ultra-soluble humates, enzymes, carbohydrates and plant auxins. Pure Blend Tea provides a potent source of nutrition for the beneficial microorganisms in the substrate, not just your plants. These microorganisms play countless roles in promoting plant health, warding off pathogens, converting nutrients from the air into plant-available forms and improving the uptake of nutrients.

How to Use Pure Blend Tea

Pure Blend Tea can be used alongside your regular feeding schedule, right the way up harvest time. Adding Pure Blend Tea while flushing helps to prevent plants from becoming deficient in certain nutrients, which can be an issue when flushing with plain water. Use it a rate of 0.25ml to 1.25ml per litre.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Pure Blend Tea

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