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Bluelab Pro Controller Connect


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Control and monitor your pH, EC and temperature wirelessly!

The Bluelab Pro Controller Connect offers a level of control that goes above and beyond anything that's been seen previously. You can monitor and adjust your nutrient strength and pH levels at a distance, using any device that's connected to the internet! Note that you'll need to use this controller in conjunction with a Bluelab Peripod, which does the actual dosing of nutrients, and pH adjusting.

  • Monitors and manages nutrients and pH levels!
  • Regulates the separately available Bluelab Peripod nutrient dosing system
  • Can be controlled from anywhere in the world from any internet connected device
  • Provides consistent, highly accurate readings
  • Superior build quality
  • Ideal for the larger scale grower
  • Responds to your plants needs in real time
  • Bright, plant safe green LED display, with water resistant main unit
  • Automatically compensates for temperature fluctuations
  • Includes the Bluelab Connect stick for wireless connectivity

Bluelab Pro Controller Connect Contains:

  • 1x Bluelab Pro Controller, and ‘Getting Started’ guide
  • 1x Bluelab conductivity probe
  • 1x Bluelab pH probe
  • 1x Bluelab temperature/ATC probe
  • 1x Bluelab connect stick & getting started guide
  • 4x mounting screws
  • 3x calibration sachets (pH 7.0, pH 4.0, EC 2.77)
  • Dosing cable, alarm & external lockout cable 
  • 1x 24V DC power supply with European, U.K, North America and New Zealand/Australia plug adapters.

How the Bluelab Pro Controller Connect Works:

When growing hydroponically, it is essential to keep everything in check - should one element be out of balance then your entire crop could be in jeopardy; should levels of pH or EC drop or raise to highly then the damage could be catastrophic!

Thankfully the clever people at Bluelab have everything in hand to optimise your harvest with this fool-proof unit, providing you with consistent and accurate system management.

When growing hydroponically, it’s vitally important to keep the pH, EC and water temperature in check. Once setup correctly, the Bluelab pro controller will give you peace of mind especially when combined with the Bluelab peripod for total automation and precision. The peripod can be bought as a separate add-on.

Simply program the controller with the conductivity, pH and temperature values that you want your system to function at and the controller will display, log and send (via the connect stick) all the relevant information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is one of the most simple, robust, and reliable controllers in its class! 

When combined with the Bluelab “peripod” M3 or L3 systems, you’re taking a further step into being completely automated. Both the M3 and L3 systems (sold separately) regulate your nutrient levels of pH and EC by adding them incrementally as required to your reservoir. Thus allowing you the extra time to further enjoy the fruits of your labours and tend to your crops. As one final bonus, all Bluelab products come with a 2 year limited written guarantee (6 months for the pH probe).

Using the Bluelab Pro Controller Connect:

Now that you’re ready to install the controller and position your probes, mount the Bluelab pro controller on a wall ensuring the probes can reach the reservoir/tank or sample pot.

Position the controller away from direct sunlight, water, nutrient salts, and pH adjusters. Fix the fasteners through the desired mounting holes at the top and bottom of the controller case.

Connect the power supply into the base of the controller, connect the probes into their marked receptacles on the base of the controller, and finally turn on mains power. Next, you’ll need to calibrate the pH.

Select “calibrate” mode then in several separate containers prepare a small amount of tap water for the pH 4.0 and 7.0 solutions.

pH 7.0 calibration

Rinse the pH and temperature probes in fresh and place probes in a small amount of the pH 7.0 solution. Press and hold the pH adjustment button and wait for the pH “CAL” to be displayed then release the button.

pH 7 and the first “[]” icon will flash on the led screen which means calibration is in progress, when all four “[] [] [] []” stop flashing PASS will be displayed.

pH 4.0 calibration

Rinse pH and temperature probes in fresh water, place probes in a small amount of fresh pH 4.0 calibration solution. Repeat above steps, same as with the Ph 7.0 probe. Now you’re all set but always remember to take great care with your pH probe - under no circumstances ever allow it to dry out and when not in use always replace the storage cap. 

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