Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning and Calibration Kit

Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning and Calibration Kit

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Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning and Calibration Kit

Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning Kit

Maintaining nutrient solution at the correct pH level is a crucial aspect of indoor gardening – that’s why it's essential that you pay due care to the maintenance of your testing equipment. The Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning Kit contains everything needed to keep your pH reading equipment running in perfect order for years to come.

  • Everything required to clean your pH meter
  • Preserves the accuracy of your equipment
  • Great for both probes and pens
  • Comes with cleaning liquid and brush for probe maintenance
  • Also comes with calibration and storage liquid
  • Very easy to use, with clear instructions


1 x cleaning brush
1 x 30ml tube of cleaning liquid
3 x plastic beakers
2 x buffer 7.0 solution sachets
2 x buffer 4.0 solution sachets
2 x sachets of KCI storage solution

How the Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning Kit Works

Measuring nutrient pH levels is an essential aspect of indoor gardening. Any dirt or residue on your pH meter's probe may effect its readings and cause you to administer nutrients that may be too alkaline or too acidic for their exact needs.This can be disastrous for your plants, locking out nutrients and triggering deficiencies that will inevitably reduce the quantity and quality of your harvest

With just a small amount of maintenance work and a pH Probe Cleaning Kit, you can ensure that your equipment provides accurate information for years to come! The kit comes with cleaning solution and a brush to administer it, as well as plastic beakers, pH buffer solution (for testing your equipment after cleaning) and some storage solution. You can then go about your feeding regimen with complete peace of mind, knowing that readings are as they should be.

Using the Bluelab pH Probe Cleaning Kit

To clean your pH meter/probe, simply remove the cap and rinse under fresh tap water. Then fill one of the plastic beakers with water and add a small quanity of pH probe cleaner. Stir the mixture with the tip of the pH meter taking care not to knock it against the side of the container, then remove any residues from the probe tip using the soft brush.

Always rehydrate your pH meter/ probe after cleaning. Take one of the sachets of KCI Storage Solution and pour the contents into one of the plastic beakers, then stand the probe/meter in the liquid for at least 24 hours.

You can then calibrate your meter / probe. Fill one beaker with pH 4.0 solution and fill another beaker with pH 7.0 solution. Dip the probe tip into the pH 7.0 solution and calibrate. Rinse with plain tap water then repeat the process with your buffer 4.0 solution.