Blazer - 8" (200mm) Air-Cooled Reflector

Blazer - 8" (200mm) Air-Cooled Reflector

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Blazer - 8" (200mm) Air-Cooled Reflector

Please Note - This is a discontinued and discounted item and as such may have slight cosmetic damage and may not come with original instructions or packaging. However, it will be fully working.

Serious Air-Cooling with the Blazer 8" Air-cooled Reflector

The Air-cooled Blazer reflector from Sun Systems is a serious piece of equipment for the serious grower! This unit is very big, ensuring that the resulting light footprint is wide and incredibly even. The Blazer features an 8" port at each end for connection to an 8" ventilation system. The glass at the bottom is hinged for easy access to the lamp. A neoprene gasket ensures that no hot air escapes from around the edges. Great for any size of single-ended lamp up to 1000 watts. Please note: The image above shows the 6" version

  • Sun Systems - top quality reflectors from the USA
  • Blazer - Very large for a great footprint
  • Air-cooled to keep grow-room temperatures down.
  • 95% reflectivity from the European aluminium internal surface
  • Hinged tempered glass lid makes lamp change-outs a doddle
  • Completely sealed with neoprene gasket


1x Sun Systems Blazer Reflector

How the Sun Systems Blazer Air-Cooled Reflector Works:

The Blazer reflector has been designed from the ground up to be one of the best air-cooled reflectors that money can buy. The housing is made from powder coated galvanized steel, making it very robust. It is also very large, and the 95% reflective internal surface ensures that all the light produced by your grow lamp gets used as effectively as possible. The footprint produced by the Blazer is large and very even. The 2x 8" ports allow a large ventilation duct fan to be connected to it for great cooling capacity. The glass on the underside is tempered for strength and the lid is hinged for convenience. There is a neoprene gasket making the unit air-tight so that no heat escapes into your grow-space.

Dimensions: 29" x 25" x 9.5" (74cm x 64cm x 24cm)

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