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Ultra Vivid - 600w Lighting Kits

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Euro Reflector

£49.95 £49.95

Please be aware, in some cases components you receive may have different packaging to those displayed, but are of the same high quality or better.

600w HPS full grow light kit at an incredible price!

The Ultra Vivid Ballast 600w grow light kit is a solid performing combination, ideal for someone who’s just starting out or looking for high performance at a low price. The Ultra Vivid 600w grow light kit gives you everything you need to get going and grow your favorite plants!

Included are the ever-reliable Ultra Vivid ballast, containing high quality internals, short circuit protection and a strong heat vented case. The Ultra Vivid 600w HPS grow lamp offers great performance to get you up and going and your choice of reflector.

  • Incredible 600w performance for a low price point
  • Quality, reliable components
  • The Ultra Vivid 600w HPS lamp has a dual spectrum allowing you to use it during veg and flowering cycles
  • Your choice of quality reflector

Choice of reflector:

From the ever popular Euro reflector offering solid performance at a low price to the incredible Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflector, whatever your preference, we have you covered.

Euro reflector
Ever popular, with a ceramic lamp holder and highly reflective dimpled wings it offers outstanding value for money.

Supernova Reflector
A High quality, lightweight reflector with closed ends for for even better reflectivity, throwing light straight downwards.

Versatile Parabolic reflector
Focuses light perfectly into one direction, giving you incredibly even light spread, It comes with a reversible top plate able to have your lamp mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer
Highly reflective with 4 wing positions for incredible versatility, it delivers high quality results compared to other reflectors.

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger
One of the best reflectors available on the market, includes an easy to fit heat shield, glass coated Miro aluminum wings for incredible reflectivity and 4 adjustable wing positions. Includes a free upgrade to a Sol Digital 600w Dual Spectrum HPS lamp.

Check out the SolisTek 600w 10K Finisher Lamp, for adding extra quality to your impressive harvest.

How to use the Ultra Vivid Ballast 600 Watt Lighting Kit:

Hang the reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height. Our Easy Rolls (Pair), Rope Ratchet Hangers or Jack Chain are ideal for this. Screw the lamp into the lamp-holder in your reflector as tightly as possible by gripping the lamp with a clean dry cloth, taking care to avoid cross-threading. The lamp MUST be screwed into the lamp holder as tightly as possible. If it is not screwed in tightly then electrical arcing can occur between the centre contact of the lamp and the lamp-holder. This melts the solder contact on the bottom of the lamp, causing irreparable damage and making it unusable. Make sure that the lamp is clean and completely free of fingerprints, and other contaminants. Finally, make sure that your reflector is hung at the correct height.

Place your ballast in a conveniently close location on a flat, firm surface (not carpet). Try to choose a well-ventilated place near to an electrical mains outlet. Even digital ballasts can run warm/hot in use and should never be covered and there should be no combustible items in the vicinity. Connect the input lead of your reflector to the output lead or socket on the ballast, ensuring the cable is not pulled tight and does not contact anything that will become hot during use (e.g. lamp, reflector, ballast). Use the power-output switch to select the desired output wattage. The ballast will start-up and light the lamp.

In the event of a fault, e.g. a faulty lamp or high ballast temperature, the ballast will go into protection mode. Once the problem has been rectified, the ballast can be restarted. We recommend that you replace your lamp regularly to maintain your garden efficiency. The yields of your crops will be considerably reduced by using an old lamp.

Many plants need a certain light schedule to trigger particular stages in the plant's life-cycle. For example, many plants require about 18 hours of light per day for solid vegetative growth but later in their life will require a regular 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day to trigger the plant's flowering or fruiting stage. If you are unable to attend your garden on a regular (& punctual!) basis to turn the lights on and off at the right time, then it is highly advisable to use something to do the switching for you. Regular time switches will burn out if used to switch a HID light(s) on and off. However, if you have only one 600 Watt grow-light then our LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Time Switch is an economical way of making sure your single grow-light is switched on and off at the right time without having to be there. If you have more than one grow-light then a combination of a Time Switch & Contactor with an appropriate number of outlets may be more suitable for you.


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