Biotabs - Master Starter Pack


Nutrient Type Misc

Biotabs - Master Starter Pack

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Biotabs - Master Starter Pack


Nutrient Type Misc

Biotabs – Master Starter Pack

The Biotabs Master Starter Pack provides you with enough organic feed and additives to grow 5 to 10 plants, dependent on pot size. Ideal for your Autopot system! The Biotabs Master Starter Pack contains 5 different Biotab products to provide your plants 100% organic fertilizers, beneficial soil and root bacteria, minerals, essential acids and trace elements to give your plants a everything required from start to finish to achieve the highest possible quality and heaviest yields. We strongly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise with this product to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the beneficial microbes.

  • Completely organic
  • Contains beneficial bacteria, minerals, essential acids and trace elements
  • One Biotabs Master Starter Pack has enough amendments for 5-10 plants, depending on your pot size
  • Ideal for Autopot systems or bottom feed hydroponics
  • Holds all the food that plants need from begining to end, no need for additional feeding


25g of Bactrex, 50g of Mycotrex, 10 x BioTabs, 250ml of Orgatrex, 250g of Startrex and a starter guide.

Recommended Additional Purchases

 - an instant tap water conditioner that nullifies the effects of chlorine and chloramine, maximising the impact of beneficial microbe additives.

How Biotabs Work

The BioTabsMaster Starter Pack is a slow-release organic growing method based on the use of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria working in harmony to provide your plants with everything they will need during their life cycle. It works by adding large amounts of these fungi and bacteria into your potting soil, resulting in a spectacular improvement of soil life which, your plants tap into. With superior life in the soil and rootzone, your plants gain better immunity against diseases and pests and can use all their energy for exuberant growth in veg and flowers in the blooming stage. By adding all of the nutrition, bacteria and fungi to the soil from the very start, only water is required as the soil has all the elements needed from begining to end. 

There are several elements which come with the Biotabs Master Starter Pack:

Bactrex - Contains a large number of beneficial microbes, fungi, humic acid and actinomycetes. These increase the availability of the present fertilizers in your soil to combine with your plants root system.

Mycotrex - A mixture of 9 different types of Mycorrhiza, a beneficial symbiotic fungi that increase nurtient uptake capability of your plants by up to 700%.

Biotabs - Keeps your plants healthy and green throughout its whole life cycle. Provides humic acid, beneficial soil bacteria, bone and blood meal, feather meal, fish meal and a formula of slow-acting nitrogen.

Orgatrex - An organic fertilizer made up with high amounts of trace elements and sugars, with a NPK of 7-6-7. Includes balanced quantities of Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Sulphur, Silicon and Iron.

Startrex - An organic fertilizer and soil improver with fulvic acids and humus. Aids faster root growth, giving your plants roots a boost right from the start.

How to use the Biotabs Master Starter Pack

Simply mix the organic fertiliser into your growing media, add the beneficial fungi and bacteria. Activate the ingredients by watering your plants once the BioTabs are inserted liquid and thats it. The only thing you put in your reservoir or watering can is water, BioTabs do the rest, releasing nutrition over time.

Keep in a cool and dry place and out of reach of children. None of the products is suitable for human consumption.