600 Watt Essential Grow Tent Kit with 600W Grow Light and Full Extraction Kit
  • 181283 essential kits ram and digital
  • 181280 essential kits ram and magnetic
  • 181285 essential kits rvk and magnetic
  • 181288 essential kits rvk and digital

600 Watt Essential Grow Tent Kit with 600W Grow Light and Full Extraction Kit


Choose your Extraction Fan & Ballast:

RAM 5" 2-speed Mixed Flow In-line Fan

£199.95 £199.95
600 Watt Essential Grow Tent Kit with 600W Grow Light and Full Extraction Kit
  • 181283 essential kits ram and digital
  • 181280 essential kits ram and magnetic
  • 181285 essential kits rvk and magnetic
  • 181288 essential kits rvk and digital

Go Digital! Upgrade for only £30 and get more light, much less heat and more control!

Incredible value grow tent with top-class additions!

Choose between the powerful RAM 2-speed mixed flow fan, giving you optimum control over your growing environment or the industry standard RVK fan.

Forget the cheap rubbish - we only ever use carefully selected, quality gear in our Grow Tent Kits!

All the equipment you need for a highly effective grow environment! For this bargain price you get a 1.2m square tent, a 600w grow light, a 5" extraction kit and a set of 4 Root Pouches (12 litre)!

We've included easy rolls to hang your grow light - which makes it a really quick and simple job to raise or lower them. We've even thrown in a heavy-duty timer-switch to turn your grow light on and off at the times that you want.

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Just add medium and nutrient! (and seeds or plants). To get you started we would definitely recommend looking at the Mills Nutrients - Starter Pack, which will last you for your first grow and as for medium you can't go wrong with Canna Coco Professional Plus

  • This full grow tent kit contains quality branded items including: Four Two Zero Tent, RAM 2-speed or RVK Duct Fan, Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter, LUMii Black Magnetic Lighting Kit or LUMii Black Digital Lighting Kit and Lumii Heavy-Duty Timer
  • Don't be fooled by cheap grow tent kits on the internet that include poor quality carbon filters etc. which wear out quickly and end up costing you more money
  • Massive money-saving deal over buying the items individually
  • All the parts are carefully matched to work perfectly together
  • All the main parts are high quality and will last you a long time (although we do recommend you change your lamp regularly to maintain your yields and garden efficiency as time goes by)


Please be aware, in some cases components you receive may have different branding to those displayed, but are of the same high quality or better.

Optional extras for optimum results:

Why Upgrade to digital?

They produce less heat, weigh less and are virtually silent, meaning they can mounted much easier, won't give off as much heat as their magnetic counterparts (allowing you to add lights to your grow room) and remain incredibly discreet. Digital ballasts are more efficient, generating more light for the same power drawn, in comparison to a magnetic ballast of the same wattage, they also maintain peak performance even as the lamp ages. All these factors stack up to healthier plants with larger harvests, for a slight increase in initial outlay that will pay for itself in next to time.

About the 600 Watt Essential Grow Tent Kit:

This full grow tent kit contains the equipment that every indoor tent-grower needs for creating a truly great grow environment. We have combined all of our favourite low cost, high performance products to create the best possible Full Grow Tent Kits available!

How to Use The 600 Watt Essential Grow Tent Kit:

A brief summary of how to put the kit together is as follows:

Put up your grow-tent in the room in which it is to be used (once it's up, it won't fit through a standard doorway!). Put the extraction system together by connecting the Duct Fan to the Carbon Filter with about 200mm (8 inches) of your Aluminium Flexi-ducting and Duct Clips on each end. Then connect the rest of the Aluminium Flexi-ducting to the other side of the Duct Fan with the last Duct Clip. Ensure that the direction of air flow (arrow on the side of the Duct Fan) goes from the Carbon Filter to the long length of Ducting. Get the Connect the mains cable into the Duct Fan. Install the extraction system by using the Rope Ratchets to hang it high and to one side in the grow tent from one of the hanging bars. Run the mains lead out of one of the vent holes and tighten the drawstring. Feed the ducting out of the tent through one of the larger ducting points and tighten the drawstring around it. Run the ducting to your ventilation outlet.

Using the Easy Rolls, hang the Reflector centrally in the grow tent from another hanging rail. Screw the lamp very firmly into the lamp-holder in the reflector and ensure that the lamp is clean and free of finger-prints etc. (It is really important that the lamp is fitted as tightly as possible into the holder. If it is not then arcing can occur between the centre conductor in the holder and the centre (soldered) connection on the lamp. If arcing occurs, then it will ruin the lamp very quickly). Run the Reflector lead through vent-holes in the back of the tent and plug it into the ballast, which ideally should be kept outside of the tent to help reduce heat build-up inside. Plug the mains lead on the ballast into the Heavy-duty Time-Switch and set the on and off times on the dial on the front of it and rotate the dial until the correct time is aligned with the arrow. Plug the Time-Switch into a mains outlet socket and switch it on once you are fully set up, complete with plants, and ready to get growing with your new full grow tent kit!