Autogrow Systems - Intellidose 4 Part Solenoid Valve Kit

Autogrow Systems - Intellidose 4 Part Solenoid Valve Kit

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Autogrow Systems - Intellidose 4 Part Solenoid Valve Kit

Autogrow Systems - Intellidoser Solenoid Valve Kit

The IntelliDose from Autogrow Systems sets a new industry standard for automated nutrient and pH dosing. In order to have a complete system this solenoid valve set must be used in conjunction with the Autogrow Intellidoser Hydroponic Dosing Kit. With its easy to use menu system and large, interactive screen the Intellidoser makes short work of the laborious tasks associated with hand watering on a large or small scale. Furthermore, the Intellidoser can be pre-set with alarms and set points in case of nutrient anomalies, while being configured to blend up to 3 different nutrients or pH adjustment liquids at a time!

AutoSet Wizard downloadable software is another exciting feature that allows you to control the Intellidoser from your PC via the supplied USB cable. Using this advanced software, you can set your dosing times, feeding intervals and necessary nutrient levels with ease and log all information attained by the Intellidoser.

  • The IntelliDose from Autogrow Systems, loved by grow experts the world over
  • Always delivers precise nutrient levels to your plants at all times
  • Automatically adjusts for temperature increases and decreases
  • Measures and adjusts pH ranges from 2.0 to 12.0
  • Can measure 3 different nutrient scales: CF, EC and PPM 
  • AutoSet Wizard software connects to your PC and retains all data
  • Track nutrient uptake, pH fluctuations and temperature changes at all times
  • Easy to use alert alarms provide extra peace of mind in case of nutrient or pH problems  
  • Works with any nutrient line


1x IntelliDose Solenoid Valve Kit
1x Mounting bracket
1x Mounting Fittings
1x Tubing

Nutrient measurement units
EC, CF or PPM (500/640/700)

Nutrient measurement accuracy
+/-0.1EC, 1.0CF or 10PPM (temperature compensated)

pH measurement range
2pH to 12pH

pH resolution and accuracy

Nutrient and pH dosing times
From 1 second to 30 minutes

How to use the Autogrow Intellidoser Solenoid Valve Kit

In order to use the valve kit you will need the Autogrow Intellidose Kit which is NOT included with this unit. Once connected to the control unit device, simply download the software onto your PC from the Autogrow website and follow the instructions to properly setup and maintain your Intellidoser.

Further details regarding the setup of the Intellidoser can be found here
Intellidoser Manual

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