Aqua Tray 1.3 Meters Long With Draining Holes

Aqua Tray 1.3 Meters Long With Draining Holes

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Aqua Tray 1.3 Meters Long With Draining Holes

Aqua Tray 1.3 Meter Long With Draining Holes

Aqua Trays are a highly popular way of building a channel drip-irrigation system. Convenient, efficient and great value-for money. Perfect for a DIY hydroponic system using rockwool slabs.

  • 1.3 Meter long channel can be used for several plants
  • Can be used with rockwool slabs (sold separately)
  • Several trays can be used side-by-side to cover almost any area
  • Often used for “stadium” layouts
  • Highly popular grow-method favoured by the Dutch
  • Can be used in a re-circulating or run-to-waste system


1 x 1.3 Meter Long Aqua Tray

130cm long, 18.2cm wide

How the Aqua Tray Works:

Aqua trays work by containing a small number of plants (usually between 3 and 6) spaced equally along a rockwool slab placed inside it. Nutrient solution is pumped to the plants via drippers at regular intervals. Excess nutrient solution drains out of the rockwool slabs, flows down the length of the tray and then out through one of the 2 draining holes. Using 1 tray for several plants reduces the amount of waste/return piping. One of the benefits of using aqua trays is that they take up little height and several can be used for a “stadium” layout.

How to use Aqua Trays

Aqua Trays can be placed side-by-side on a table or a frame. Ideally there should be slight decline in height down towards the draining pipe end. Aqua Trays can also be placed in a shallow “V” shape so that trays at the sides are at a higher level than those in the middle. In this way, plants in the trays at the sides are as close to your lamp as those directly underneath it, thus increasing your light-efficiency. The draining holes are either connected back to the reservoir (re-circulating system) or collected for disposal (run-to-waste system). Place the appropriate size rockwool slab into the tray and place your drippers close to the points where you will be putting your plants. Connect up the drippers to your nutrient solution reservoir via a pump and timer and you’re ready to start growing!


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