Isomax (Air Force 2) & Rhino Pro Filter Extraction Kit w/ Hybrid Controller
  • Hybrid
  • Smscom mk2 8 amp hybrid fan speed controller
  • 90667 rhino pro filter 250mm x 600mm 1420m side view
  • 133000 vent   airforce 2 silencer fan   8inch 200mm 3 speed up to 900 m3 hr
  • Acoustic ducting  fast clamp and clip image

Isomax (Air Force 2) & Rhino Pro Filter Extraction Kit w/ Hybrid Controller


Choose your size:

6" (150mm) 310/360/410 m3/hr

£654.95 £654.95
Isomax (Air Force 2) & Rhino Pro Filter Extraction Kit w/ Hybrid Controller
  • Hybrid
  • Smscom mk2 8 amp hybrid fan speed controller
  • 90667 rhino pro filter 250mm x 600mm 1420m side view
  • 133000 vent   airforce 2 silencer fan   8inch 200mm 3 speed up to 900 m3 hr
  • Acoustic ducting  fast clamp and clip image

Isomax fan technology paired with the Control Freak, for silent running and precision fan control!

This kit provides you with everything required to create a full, odour-eliminating extraction system for your grow area, straight out of the box.

  • Buy any duct fan or extraction kit and get £40 off the G.A.S Enviro Controller!
  • Isomax (Air Force 2) duct fans – prestige products at the pinnacle of the market
  • Rhino Pro Carbon Filters – the most reliable, high-quality filters available
  • SMSCom Hybrid Controller - perfectly matched to Isomax fans
  • Fan control with no buzzing or humming
  • Delivers precision control of your environment
  • Saves you money – cheaper than buying items individually
  • All parts pre-matched for your convenience
  • Acoustic ducting included to properly complement the silencing technology of Isomax fans


  • 1 x Isomax (Air Force 2) Acoustic Silencer Fan
  • 1 x Rhino Pro Carbon Filter
  • 1 x SMSCom Hybrid Controller (4-amp or 8-amp)
  • 1 x 5m of Acoustic Ducting
  • 1 x Fast Clamp
  • 1 x Duct Clip
  • 1 x 3-Pin Fused Plug

Which Size Kit do I Need for my Grow Tent?

There exists a (relatively) easy formula to work out which size extraction you need for your space, find out the volume in m3 (metres cubed) of your grow space with width x length x height = volume. Then, volume x 60 = air movement per hour (this will refresh the air in your grow room every minute).

If you are using a filter, we need to addd on a little extra to account for the 'drag factor', so your air movement per hour x 1.2 = the amount of air your fan will need to move - use the figures below to match up your space to an RVK kit!

6" (150mm) 410 m3/hr with 150mm/600mm Rhino Pro filter
8" (200mm) 570/770/870 m3/hr with 200mm/600mm Rhino Pro filter
10" (250mm) - 1480 m3/hr with 250mm/600mm Rhino Pro filter
10" (250mm) 2310 m3/hr with 250mm/1000mm Rhino Pro filter
12" (315mm) 2380 m3/hr with 315mm/600mm Rhino Pro filter
12" (315mm) - 3260 m3/hr with 315mm/1200mm Rhino Pro filter

You can purchase standalone Isomax fans here:

Air Force 2 Isomax

Bear in mind it's always better to over spec your fan and reduce its output with a controller, this gives you the flexibility to increase it's output to maintain optimum conditions for your plants, for example in the middle of summer.

How this Isomax Fan Kit Works:

Our Isomax (Air Force 2) Extraction Kit contains all of the components required to create an extraction system that will effectively treat odours and remove stale, CO2 depleted air from your grow area. We only ever include high-quality parts in our kits – no cheap rubbish.

Rhino Pro Filters are easily the most reliable and effective carbon filters on the market today, and will make light work of removing unwanted smells from your grow area. All parts in the kit are also pre-matched, fitting together perfectly, straight out of the box.

A fast clamp is included for connecting the Isomax (Air Force 2) Fan and the Rhino Filter – for optimal performance, your Isomax (Air Force 2) Fan and Rhino Filter should always be joined together directly, and fast clamps are the simplest, most secure way to do this. The supplied ducting can then be connected to the outlet side of your Isomax (Air Force 2) Fan using the duct clip.

Your kit also contains an SMSCom Hybrid Pro Fan Speed Controller, which are perfect for use with Isomax (Air Force 2) fans. You will either receive a 4-amp or 8-amp version, depending on your selection of fan size/power. The SMSCom Hybrid Pro Fan Speed Controller regulates the quantity of air extracted from the grow area by increasing or decreasing the output of in-line duct fans. It requires no wiring or electrical skill to install; intake and outlet duct fans can be plugged directly into the corresponding UK standard 3-pin sockets located on the unit.

Using this Kit:

Before connecting to a power supply, join the Isomax (Air Force 2) and the carbon filter together using the fast clamp, ensuring that the fan is placed so that, when powered-up, it will be drawing air through the filter. There are hanging attachments on either side of the Isomax to help position the fan and filter easily. Rope Ratchets make a great additional purchase: they’re perfect for supporting larger items, and, hanging fans in this way helps to lower vibration and reduce noise. Bungee cords are another tried-and-tested way to support your fan and filter and achieve similar results. Always position the fan and filter high-up in your grow space, in order to remove hot air as it rises, helping to control your grow area’s temperature. Place one end of the ducting onto the outlet side of the fan and secure it into place using the duct clip. The ducting should then be placed so that it runs to a suitable outlet point, preferably to an outside area.

Keep the layout of your ducting simple, forming the shortest, straightest route to an outside area possible. Following this advice will lower air-resistance and allow you to get as close to 100% efficiency as is achievable. Ducting arrangements that are too long or have too many bends will create unnecessary noise and lower the effectiveness of your extraction. Putting a little time and effort into planning this aspect of your grow will pay dividends, helping to keep the air that your plants depend on as fresh as possible.

The Isomax (Air Force 2) is supplied with a pre-attached power cable of at least 1 metre in length, but will require the fitting of a 3-pin plug. The relatively short span of the supplied cable could be an issue if your fan is to be positioned in an area without a power socket in close proximity, so it may be advisable to have an electrically competent person fit it with an IEC connector (not supplied). This would allow you to power-up the unit with any cable that has an IEC connection and a suitably fused plug.

For more information on how to operate your fan speed controller, click here: SMSCom Hybrid 

The high-torque motors on these duct fans are incredibly powerful, so under no circumstance should you ever put your fingers anywhere near the fan blades when they are operational. Doing so will almost certainly result in serious injury.