Agrobacterias - Protect Killer - Neem Treatment - 15ml

Agrobacterias - Protect Killer - Neem Treatment - 15ml

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Agrobacterias - Protect Killer - Neem Treatment - 15ml

Neem Oil - The Ultimate Preventative Treatment

Agrobacterias Protect Killer is a concentrated mixture of neem oil (80%) and citric acid (20%). Neem has been used to protect plants from pests for thousands of years. It’s particularly effective against leafhoppers, thrips, aphids (greenfly/blackfly), mealybugs, whitefly and spider mites. As an added bonus, Neem helps to prevent fungal issues like powdery mildew, black spot and botrytis.

  • Prevents infestations of a multitude of different pests
  • Completely safe and non-toxic
  • The perfect natural alternative to toxic chemicals
  • Concentrated formula
  • Based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom - used for thousands of years
  • Helps to stimulate growth - has a phytostrengthening effect on plants
  • Helps treat fungal issues like powdery mildew

How Protect Killer Works:

Neem oil is a preventive biopesticide treatment that tackles a multitude of grow room issues. It’s made by pressing the roots of the famous Indian neem tree and it’s been cherished by Indians for millennia for its magical healing properties. Spray your plants with it once or twice a week and you can pretty much forget about ever having problems with issues like thrips, spider mites, aphids, whitefly and leafhoppers. Many growers use neem incorrectly and wrongly come to the conclusion that it is not effective enough for their needs – and that’s because they wait until they’ve developed an infestation before they start the treatment. It cannot be stressed enough that neem is most effective if you use it regularly before this ever happens. The reason for this is that neem doesn’t work in the same way as traditional pesticides. If you do encounter an infestation and treat it with neem, you won’t see the same instant death that you’ll notice when using more aggressive products. That’s because neem works in a much different way. Instead of killing pests stone dead, it affects their chemical signalling. Colonies ‘forget’ to perform important tasks like mating and eating and they inevitably die out, ensuring that issues never develop in the first place. Anybody who’s ever lost a crop to an infestation will tell you just how valuable this is.

Not only is neem completely non-toxic to humans, it’s actually as beneficial for people as it is for plants! You’ll find it in a variety of products that are used to treat a multitude of ailments and illnesses: everything from dandruff to arthritis. It’s even used in toothpaste!

How to use Protect Killer

Fill your sprayer with a mixture of 1ml Protect Killer for every litre of water, then give it a good shake. Ideally, you should let the water stand in a bucket with the lid off for 24 hours to allow the chlorine content to evaporate. This is particularly important when using biological products.

Spraying once or twice a week will be enough to prevent an infestation. Because it’s non-toxic, there’s not really an upper limit to how often you can use it. Make sure you cover both sides of the leaves but try to avoid spraying flowers as you progress through the bloom stages. The presence of neem will be enough to ward off pests, so there’s no need to overdo it. Neem can be used to mist cuttings - the phytostrenghtening nutrients may even help to get them rooted a little quicker.

Always spray during dark hours with the lights off. Treating during light periods can result in leaf burning. Droplets act like a lens and magnify the intensity of light in certain spots – a very bad idea.

Recommended dosage: 1ml/litre
Ingredients: 80% neem extract, 20% citric acid