Active Eye Microscope

Active Eye Microscope


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Small Microscope (60x - 100x) (Out of Stock)

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Active Eye Microscope

Active Eye Microscope

A decent microscope is absolutely invaluable for the identification of pests and other problems on your plants. This handy little microscope features a white LED light, adjustable zoom and a focus wheel - just right for any gardener's pocket!

  • Great for the identification of garden pests and diseases
  • White LED light gives an accurate idea of colours
  • Small version features adjustable magnification (60x - 100x)
  • Large version features 100x magnification and a measuring overlay
  • Separate focus wheel
  • Pocket-size & lightweight
  • Includes a pest and disease indentification chart for the nine most common problems


Choose between small and large models:

Small Active Eye Microscope (60X - 100X) or Large Active Eye Microscope (100x), 1 x leatherette pouch, batteries included

How the Active Eye Microscope Works

Gardeners know that it can sometimes be difficult to identify exactly what is wrong with a plant without a decent microscope. Being able to magnify a leaf can reveal bugs that you didn't even know were there!

The small version allows you to zoom in anywhere from 60x to 100x. The large version is fixed at 100x magnification, but also features an overlay that allows you to measure the object that you're focussed on.

Both microscopes come with an identification chart for the nine most common pests and diseases. They also feature targeted super-bright LEDs to illuminate what you are looking at, and focus wheels for delivering a clear images. Batteries are included for the function of the light and also a leatherette pouch to protect the microscope when it is not in use.

How to Use the Active Eye Microscope

Before first using the microscope, remove the plastic battery-seal fitted over the batteries and replace the battery cover. Switch the light on with the marked switch on the side of the unit. Place the microscope onto the item to be viewed such as a leaf. Look through the view-finder and rotate the focus wheel until a sharp image can be seen. The microscope can now be moved around to inspect various parts of the leaf. Use the focus wheel to bring the image into focus. If you find a bug then the supplied pest and disease identification chart may help you to find out what it is.

Always remember to switch the light off after use to preserve battery life.