630w LUMii Solar DE CDM Lamps

630w LUMii Solar DE CDM Lamps


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LUMii Solar Gro 4200k (Veg) Lamp

£139.95 £139.95
630w LUMii Solar DE CDM Lamps

Double-Ended CDM Technology

LUMii Solar double-ended lamps run with the same incredible spectral output as regular CDM lamps, but at twice the intensity! One DE CDM lamp delivers the same plant-useable light levels as two separate lamps, but without costing twice as much, representing exceptional value for money.

  • Twice as powerful as regular CDM lamps
  • Produces comprehensive light spectrums that mimic the sun
  • Used with the excellent LUMii Solar DE CDM fixture
  • Exceptionalvalue for money - cheaper than buying two separate 315w CDM lamps
  • Choose between Gro lamps (for veg) and Pro lamps (for flower)
  • Not to be used with regular double-ended fixtures


1 x LUMii Solar 630w DE CDM Lamp. Choose between Gro (veg) and Pro (flower) versions using the dropdown menu.

How the LUMii Solar DE CDM Lamp Works

LUMii Solar DE lamps are the first of their kind, featuring a revolutionary design that effectively fuses two CDM lamps into one. They are built for use with the excellent LUMii Solar DE grow light fixture and come in two different versions: the 4200k Gro Lamp, with extra blues to increase growth rates during vegetative stages while keeping height levels down, and the 3200k Pro Lamp, which brings the best out of plants during bloom, helping to pile on extra weight and squeeze out extra essential oil production. Check out the spectral graphs below for a clearer insight into their output.

Gro Lamp (Vegatative Growth)

LUMii DE CDM Spectrum

Pro Lamp (Flowering)

Check out the One Stop Blog to find out how to correctly fit a double-ended lamp. The blog discusses HPS lamps but the principle is the same for CDMs.

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