600 Watt Intermediate Coco Loft Grow Kit
  • 180004 pitched coco pro
  • 180003 pitched coco lite
  • 180004 pitched coco pro

600 Watt Intermediate Coco Loft Grow Kit


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Pitched Coco Kit with BudBox Lite (Out of Stock)

£424.95 £424.95
600 Watt Intermediate Coco Loft Grow Kit
  • 180004 pitched coco pro
  • 180003 pitched coco lite
  • 180004 pitched coco pro

Better Components for Better Results!

Invest in decent equipment and you'll reap big rewards further down the line! Our intermediate grow kits provide you with professional grade grow gear that's capable of delivering massive yields. We've included the best 230v lamp on the market, Adjust-A-Wings reflectors, Rhino Pro filters and a large selection of equipment that will get you up and running in style.

  • Designed to get the best from your loft space
  • Complete with Canna Coco Natural grow media and Shogun nutrients
  • Features quality components capable of delivering huge yields
  • Comes with the Philips Greenpower 230v grow lamp - proven in testing to be the best available
  • Produces high reflectivity levels and an even light spread, thanks to the Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer reflector
  • Premium extraction system with Rhino Pro carbon filter
  • Choose between pitched BudBox Lite and BudBox Pro grow tents
  • Supplied with a fast clamp, making it easier to hang your extraction system
  • White Combi Ducting - lightproof and tear-resistant
  • Fully digital, with dimmable Optilux ballast
  • Money-saving deal - cheaper than buying items individually



(201662) Pitched BudBox Lite or (201130) Pitched BudBox Pro 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m
(87418) LUMii Heavy-Duty Timer
(126016) 230v Philips Greenpower Lamp
(92741) Optilux 600w Digital Ballast
(82601) Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer (Medium)
(410250) Shogun Samurai Coco A&B 1 litre
(84222) Canna Coco Natural 50 litre
(82172) 2 litre Jug with Handle
(82045) 20ml Syringe and (82042) 10ml Syringe
(88737) 12 litre Fabric Pots x 4 and (80030) 35cm Black Plastic Saucers x 4
(85347) Agrolab Hygrometer
(82383) 6-Inch RAM Clip-On Fan
(85655) 5-Inch White Combi Ducting x 5m
(83961) CarboAir Rope Ratchets x 2
(86552) 5-Inch Fast Clamp and (89322) Duct Clip
(90642) Rhino Pro 125/300
(91376) Systemair RVK L1- 5 Inch (125MM) and (82256) 2m Mains Cable

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How Intermediate Coco Grow Kits Work

Our range of intermediate kits features upgraded components that will help you to get great results. Here's a quick guide:

Pitched BudBox Grow Tents

Choose between the Lite and the Pro. The Lite represents amazing value for money - it's tough and durable, with an array of features. If your budget will stretch to it, go for the Pro version, which comes with a stronger framework, green viewing windows and access doors at the sides. Both tents are shaped to use the available space in your loft as efficiently as possible.

Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer

This reflector will push your indoor garden much further than the standard Euro Reflector that's found in most grow kits. It produces an excellent light spread and it's manufactured using patented techniques that deliver ultra-high levels of reflectivity. As the name suggests, it's fully adjustable, allowing you to tailor the footprint to suit your lamp height.

Philips Greenpower Lamp

Usable light levels are one of the limiting factors that will play a big role in deciding the size of your crop. Before selecting lighting equipment for this kit, we went to great lengths to test an array of grow lamps. The Philips Greenpower emerged as the clear winner, which is why we had to include it. By running the best lamp available, you can add a LOT of extra weight to your crop.

RVK & Rhino Pro Extraction, Complete with Fast Clamp

RVK fans are built for use in commercial settings by one of the world's largest ventilation specialists, Systemair. They're practically indestructible and they're still regarded as the industry standard.

Rhino filters have proven themselves to be reliable after decades of use by thousands of happy customers. The Pro model lasts twice as long as the Hobby version that can be found in our Essentials Kits. It also comes with a thicker bed that makes it even better at killing smells, giving you extra peace of mind.

We've included a fast clamp, which is used to connect up your fan and filter. Using a fast clamp forms your extraction system into a single, solid unit, making it much easier to hang.

Rope Ratchet Hangers

Rope Ratchets are much sturdier than Easy Rolls, with a max load of of 64kg! That's why we've included an extra set to hang your extraction system as well as your lighting. Note that you'll also receive a set of hanging straps with your grow tent for some additional support.

White Combi Ducting

Combi ducting is double-layered, making it much stronger than regular aluminium ducting. It's more resistant to tearing and it's completely lightproof. With a white outer layer, it will also reflect any light that hits it back towards your plants, where it's needed most.

Media, Nutrients, Pots and Saucers

We've included Air-Pruner fabric pots which utilise the root-pruning concept to deliver dense, radial rhizospheres. Air-Pruner pots also increase oxygen levels, which makes it difficult to over-water your plants, while accelerating growth rates.

Canna Coco Natural media is made using premium quality coconut fibre. Coco offers a great balance between drainage and water retention, which promotes rapid root growth. Shogun Samurai Coco nutrients will help you to get the best from this excellent medium. And if you want to push things even further, check out their full range.

Notable Extras

You'll receive a hygrometer, which provides reliable information on temperature and humidity levels, allowing you to make environmental decisions that will benefit your plants. You also get a RAM fan to keep the air in your grow tent well circulated.

How to Use the Intermediate Coco Grow Kit

Check out the One Stop Grow Shop Blog for info on:

Setting up a grow tent

Setting up an extraction system

Installing a grow light


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