310 Litre Rigid Reservoir with Lid and Tap

310 Litre Rigid Reservoir with Lid and Tap

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310 Litre Rigid Reservoir with Lid and Tap

310 Litre Rigid Tank with Lid and Tap

Please note, this tank is 80cm x 115cm. Take into consideration if they can fit through your door!

This huge reservoir contains everything you need for supplying a large hydroponics setup. Please note - Due to its very large size, this item is only available In-store. If you have a large hydroponics setup, this single, large reservoir will do the job.

  • 310 Litres - a solution for large hydroponics systems
  • Made from very tough rigid plastic
  • Supplied with Lid and Tap


1 x 310 Litre Rigid Plastic Reservoir, Lid, Tap

Please note: Our grow systems are designed to provide years of trouble free use, having undergone rigorous testing and development. However, at One Stop Grow Shop, we believe that it's good practice to take a few simple precautions that will reduce the risk of leakages to virtually zero. For complete peace of mind, secure pipework that's joined onto barbed fittings using jubilee clips or cable ties, and place run-off trays / floor secure sheeting underneath the system & reservoir. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

Hose clip for use with 13mm flexi pipe

Hose clip for use with 25mm pro flexi pipe

Run-Off & Work Trays

Floor Secure Sheeting



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