Plant!t Yo-Yo Plant Trainer/Support 8 Pack

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  • Contains a 1.5m long nylon line with an angled hook on the end for clipping around a stem
  • Light spring tension in the yo-yo gently pulls the stem toward the reel
  • Can be used to open out your plant so that it can receive more light
  • Helps you to make the most of your grow-space and light
  • Supports heavy blooms with ease
  • Comes as a handy pack of eight to support multiple branches
  • Re-useable many times

Support Heavy Fruits With an 8 Pack of Plant!t Yo-Yo's

Deep into flower, the weight of fruits can often cause branches to bend and snap. Plant!t Yo-Yos give your plants extra support for those record breaking harvests! Yo-Yos can also be used to help train your plants to your desired shape. Pulling your branches apart lets more light penetrate the lower levels.

Attach the Yo-Yos to your tent-frame or grow-room wall and then pull out the angled orange hook and clip it around the plant-stem. The gentle tension in the yo-yo will then pull the plant-stem out. Great for getting plants to open out for increased yields!


How Yo-Yo Plant Support/Trainers Work

Yo-Yo Plant!t Trainer/Supports consist of 1.5 metre long nylon lines (similar to fishing line) which are wound onto lightly sprung reels inside each yo-yo's housing. Angled hooks are attached to the end of each nylon line for clipping around a plant-stem or branch.

It should be noted that there is slightly more tension on the line at full extension than there is when only a few centimetres has been pulled out.

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8 x Plant!t Yo-Yo Plant Support/Trainers

How to Use Yo-Yo Plant Support/Trainers

If you are lucky enough to have stems bowing under the weight of your crop at the end of the flowering, fruiting stage then yo-yo's can be attached to the ceiling / tent-roof frame, to provide upwards support to the plant-stems. This will help prevent stems from bowing downwards away from the light and also from breaking under the weight of the produce!

Plant!t Yo-Yo Support/Trainers are mainly for use on mature plants as they reach the end of the vegetative phase and also especially during flowering/fruiting. Plant-stems on young plants are usually too thin and delicate for this type of training. During the flowering/fruiting time, plants tend to grow upwards but not outwards, leading to the stems getting bunched together. By opening out the plant, each stem will get more light lower down, encouraging more flower or fruiting sites.

Attach the yo-yo body to the outside of your grow-space (i.e to your grow-tent or grow-room wall) via the clip. Pull the orange hook out and clip it around the plant-stem. The plant-stem will now be gently pulled towards the yo-yo body, opening the plant out. Use as many yo-yo's as necessary, pulling in different directions, to open out your plant to receive more light and increase the number of flowering fruiting sites which will eventually increase yields.

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