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Plant!t Vermiculite 100 Litre

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  • Helps to improve the consistency of the growing medium
  • Won't affect pH levels - totally pH neutral
  • Retains more water than perlite - capable of holding up to four times its own weight!

Increases the Water and Nutrient Retention of the Substrate

Vermiculite (magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate) is a popular soil additive. It's lightweight and completely inert, making it very similar to perlite but it has much greater levels of water retention. It also tends to hang on to nutrients, releasing them slowly and providing a sustained source of nutrition.

Vermiculite is pH neutral so it won't affect the acidity / alkalinity levels of the substrate.


1 x 100 litre bag of Plant!t Vermiculite

Mix vermiculite in with your substrate when potting up. Ratios will vary depending on your goals - some growers go as high as 50:50.

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