Plant!t DIY - DWC Bucket 20 Litre (No Lid)

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  • Plant!t - a popular and well-established brand
  • Extremely tough - highly resistant to cracking and damage
  • Functional as a standalone item
  • Best utilized with other (separately available) parts in the Plant!t DIY range
  • The perfect nutrient reservoir for a DWC system
  • DWC technology - simple to use, with amazing results

Plant!t DIY DWC Bucket 20 Litre

The Plant!t DWC Bucket is thick, sturdy, and moulded from extremely tough plastic, making it highly resistant to cracking and other damage. It's designed for use with other (separately available) pre-matched components to create a complete 20 litre DWC system.

How the Plant!t DIY DWC Bucket Works

The Plant!t DIY DWC Bucket is a simple, sturdy container that can be used in conjunction with other separately available components to create a fully-functioning Deep Water Culture system. It features two grooves along the inside of its circumference to accommodate any airline tubing and is the perfect match for for Plant!t DIY Moulded Net Pots. Plants grown in DWC systems are suspended over bubbling water, which is agitated and oxygenated using an air-stone. The air-stone is supplied with fresh air, via airline tubing, from an externally located air-pump. Plants are suspended above the reservoir in net pots. These special pots are filled with clay pebbles, which support the stem and provide an area for initial root growth. Once roots are long enough, they penetrate through the holes of the net pot and down into the bubbling nutrient solution. For as long as the reservoir is consistently oxygenated, roots thrive and plants grow strong, with incredible overall vigour and impressive yields.

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1 x Plant!t DIY - DWC (Deep Water Culture) Bucket 20 Litre (No Lid)

How to Use the Plant!t DIY DWC Bucket 20 Litre

Here is a quick summary of how to make use of this product in a Deep Water Culture system. Position the DWC Bucket in a suitable area. Place your air pump away from the DWC Bucket, on a stand or other raised point, ensuring that it sits above the water level of your reservoir. This will guarantee that water cannot be siphoned back towards the pump, should there ever be a power outage or other equipment failure. A Non-Return / Check Valve is another cheap and easy way to ensure that this never happens. Connect the air stone to the pump using an adequate length of airline tubing and drop it into the bucket. The bucket acts as a reservoir for nutrients, and can be filled at this stage with water and any required fertilizer, dependent on plant size and species / strain, using the correct procedures for Ph and EC adjustments. Turn on your pump and you will notice the bubbling effect emerging from the air stone, oxygenating the nutrient reservoir.

The grooves on the inner circumference of the bucket are perfectly sized to accommodate any airline tubing. By running tubing through this groove, a Moulded Net Pot can sit level on the top of the Plant!t Bucket / Reservoir. Moulded Net Pots specifically designed to fit this bucket are available separately in two sizes: a 152mm small and a 254mm large pot size. Fitting snugly on top of the bucket, they provide the container-area in which to place your medium. Simply fill the Moulded Net Pot with clay pebbles, leaving enough room for potting up your chosen plant.

Weight: 759 grams

Diameter (top of the bucket): 325mm

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