Plant Support Trellis 30" Tall

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  • Optimizes your grow area!
  • Great for training new growth
  • Supports heavy branches
  • Strong and sturdy framework

Plant Support Trellis 30" Tall

The Plant Support Trellis takes the weight off heavy branches as plants develop into their later stages. It also provides the perfect framework to train new growth to make the best use of your grow space.

How the Plant Support Trellis Works:

One of the pitfalls of being a skilled grower is that well attended to plants will often produce so much bountiful fruit that branches struggle to support its weight. Luckily, the Plant Support Trellis addresses this issue! By digging the Trellis into the substrate when plants are potted up into their final containers, its framework can then be used to help support and train branches, ensuring that plants make the most efficient use of your grow area. Training branches to fill out your grow area will help to ensure that any light from your lamp and reflector always hits an even canopy of plant material (instead of the hitting the floor!). Doing so can have quite a dramatic effect on yields.

It's a good idea to rotate plants by around 45 degrees daily to ensure that all areas of the plant receive some direct light. For this reason, the Support Trellis has a distinct advantage over Support Nets that make it difficult to move plants around once in place.

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The Plant Support Trellis Contains:

1 x 30” plant support

Using the Plant Support Trellis:

Re-pot your plants at least a week before they enter the flowering cycle and dig the Trellis into the substrate so that the stem of your plant sits in the centre. Its framework can then be used to support heavy branches and train plants as required for the particular situation.

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