Plant Magic - Pure Clean

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Plant Magic Pure Clean

Plant Magic Pure Clean is a powerful cleaning agent that is usable in any system and in conjunction with any nutrient line, and protects all of the components of your growing system, including pumps, pipes and tanks, from the build up of salt deposits. Pure Clean also acts to break up salt deposits in and around the root zone aiding in better nutrient uptake and the prevention of toxin build up ensuring that your garden maintains its vitality. It's also possible to use Pure Clean as a pH down stabiliser.



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How to Use Plant Magic - Pure Clean

How to use as a pump, dripper cleaning agent:

Shake well before use

Add at the rate of 0.5 - 1ml per litre

Adjust pH to desired level

To use as a pH down:

Add a small amount

Mix in the solution thoroughly, then measure pH.

Repeat till desired pH is reached

Plant Magic Pure Clean is the perfect for breaking down salt deposits and flushing systems at the end of a growing cycle.


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