Plant Magic Old Timer Tri Pack

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  • Utilises fully organic formulas for a great tasting end-product
  • Ideal for hand-watering in soil - teams up very nicely with Plant Magic's Soil Supreme
  • Very easy to use, and a very forgiving nutrient
  • Covers you right the way through the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Provides a source of nutrition for plants AND beneficial micro-organisms
  • Gets the best out of beneficial microbe products, like Biosys

Organic Tri-Pack, Complete with Grow, Bloom and PK Booster

Plant Magic Oldtimer organic nutrients are simple and effective, giving you amazing results for very little effort. They produce an end-product that's bursting with intense aromas and flavours, which is why they're among our best-selling nutrients. This pack gives you everything you need to get started, including feed for the vegetative and bloom stages, and a PK booster to push growth to the next level in the later stages.

How the Organic Tri-Pack Works

The Oldtimer Tri-Pack is a great way to get up and running, providing you with everything you need to get through a full cycle. Each component contains organic nutrients that are optimised for a particular growth stage. Oldtimer Grow comes with a healthy dose of nitrogen, which is great for greening up plants. Both Oldtimer Bloom and Oldtimer PK deliver extra phosphorus and potassium, which assist with the growth and development of fruits later on in the cycle. Oldtimer nutrients contain ingredients that feed both your plants AND the micro-organisms in the soil. Soil micro-organisms perform an array of roles, increasing the surface area of roots, making food available, breaking down waste materials and warding off pathogens. By strengthening colonies of micro-organisms, you create a much healthier root-zone, and in turn, bigger and better plants.

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1 x Oldtimer Grow (1 litre), 1 x Oldtimer Bloom (1 litre) and 1 x Oldtimer Organic PK (1 litre)

How to Use the Oldtimer Organic Tri-Pack

Oldtimer Organic nutrients and additives are ideal for hand-watered plants grown in soil. Because they are derived from organic ingredients, they contain particles which can clog drippers, making them unsuitable for use with hydroponic grow systems. You'll find a feed chart below to give you some guidance on dosages. Note that your soil will contain some nutrients, so let this run out before adding in your veg feed.

Always shake the bottle well before use. Feed once every 2-3 waterings through the vegetative cycle ensuring that 10%-20% run-off is achieved each time. When flowering/fruiting begins, switch to using Oldtimer Bloom. Start adding Oldtimer PK later on in the flowering stages.

Oldtimer Grow / Bloom recommended dosage: 2-5ml / litre

Oldtimer PK recommended dosage: 1-2 ml / litre

Oldtimer Organic Grow NPK: 5 – 3 – 3

Oldtimer Organic Bloom NPK: 3 – 5 – 4

Oldtimer Organic PK NPK: 0 – 4 – 8

Our Plant Magic Feeding Chart can be found here

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