Plant Magic 70/30 - 50 Litre

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  • Produced to the same high standards as the rest of the Plant Magic range
  • Delivers exceptional results with an array of growing methods and systems
  • Ideal for hand-watering and dripper systems
  • Enriched with mycorrhizal fungi, for even faster root growth
  • Ready to use, straight out of the bag
  • Features excellent drainage, aeration and oxygenation (though it will hang onto more nutrient than 60/40)
  • Features a high cation exchange capacity, encouraging the rapid uptake of nutrients
  • Completely unfertilised, sterile, inert medium – add nutrient as required


High-Quality 70/30 Blend with Added Mycorrhizae

By adding in 30% perlite, Plant Magic 70/30 improves on regular coco by increasing oxygenation and drainage levels. You'll need to water it more frequently than regular coco, but in return you can expect to see even faster rates of development. 70/30 is great for hand watering and for use in dripper systems.


How Plant Magic 70/30 Works

Plant Magic 70/30 has a light and smooth consistency that your plants' roots will absolutely love. This is thanks to the inclusion of 30% perlite - an inert medium derived from expanded volcanic glass. Perlite assists with drainage, allowing nutrients to flow through the medium more freely. As a result, 70/30 will need watering more often than regular coco, but the pay-off for this is faster growth rates and bigger crops! With improved drainage, you'll also reduce the liklihood of encountering root diseases like pythium.

if you want something that drains even more freely, take a look at Plant Magic's 60/40 clay pebble / coco mix instead.

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1 x 50L bag of Plant Magic 70/30 (70% coco and 30% perlite)

How to Use Plant Magic 70/30

Plant Magic 70/30 is supplied ready to use, straight out of the bag. 70/30 contains no nutrient, so you'll need to start feeding as quickly as possible.

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