Pistol Spray Gun 750ml

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  • Easy to use squeeze-trigger operation
  • Great value-for-money
  • 750ml capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle for fine spray to jet
  • Can be used to apply any spray from foliar feeds to pest/disease control products
  • Re-useable many times

Pistol Spray Gun 750ml

A good spray Gun is an invaluable piece of grow-room equipment. Our squeeze-trigger operated Pistol Spray Gun is the economical way to apply foliar feeds and pest/disease control products to your plants or for misting cuttings.

How the Pistol Spray Gun Works

The Pistol Spray Gun consists of a plastic bottle which can hold up to 750ml of liquid. The top part with the trigger screws off for filling the bottle. The nozzle is adjustable from stop to fine-spray to jet and everything in-between. Squeezing the trigger forces air into the bottle increasing the pressure inside. The liquid in the bottle is then forced up through the pistol-gun handle and out through the nozzle. The force of the spray or jet is controlled by the pressure applied to the trigger.

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1 x 750ml Pistol Spray Gun

How to Use the Pistol Spray Gun

Fill the bottle with the liquid which you wish to spray and screw the handle back on tightly. Adjust the nozzle for the type of spray that you want, aim the gun at your plants and squeeze the trigger

Intense light hitting wet leaves can cause leaf-burning. Always spray foliar sprays in low light level conditions (i.e. with your lamp turned off) and allow the plant to dry before turning your light back on. Be very careful when deciding to foliar spray a plant which is flowering heavily as this can encourage mould. When foliar spraying pest control products, always wear appropriate clothing and keep the liquid off your skin and particularly away from your eyes. Always keep pest control products out of the reach of children and keep them away from plants which are still wet with the pest control product.

Always clean the bottle after use to avoid build-ups and deposits in the nozzle and to maximise the lifespan of your spray-gun.

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