Pimp Your Origin (Wilma) - Add-on (for 18 Litre pot+ XL systems)

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Pimp Your Origin (Formerly known as Wilma)! Make the Best Even Better, Supercharge Your Yields!

Pimp Your Origin (Wilma) takes the already brilliant Origin (Wilma) system and adds in components to make it even better, if you thought you were getting a good result already this add-on will blow your mind. Included are air-pruning 9l Superoot pots, which offer huge root mass growth over standard pots, don't be fooled by the smaller capacity, you'll get a much denser root mass than you could ever get in the standard 18 litre pots!

You also get Iceline dripper piping, to keep your nutrient at optimum temperature levels and a Sicce water circulating pump for your reservoir, both increasing oxygen levels and making sure your nutrient is efficiently mixed.

This upgrade is for people who already own a Wilma which comes with 18 Litre pots as standard, and caters for the 4 pot and 5 pot systems.

It's worth double checking the size of your system before purchasing the 9 Litre Superoots pots are 26cm in circumference.

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1 x Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 Water Circulator
Iceline 3mm Dripper Line (1m per pot)
9l Superoot Air-Pruning pots (1 per pot)


Silver Bullet Roots (gets rid of any harmful bacteria in your system giving you trouble free growing)


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