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Phonic Trap Black Tape - 50cm x 5 Metre

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  • Ideal for connecting duct work
  • Prevents air leaks
  • Resists temperatures of up to 75c
  • Can be used close to HID lamps to seal around air cooled reflectors
  • Can be used in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Adhesive to metal sufaces perfect for metal ductwork
  • Rubber type adhesive that binds tightly

Strong, Durable and Long Lasting

This high quality tape is ideal for connecting ducting to duct fans, its strong and durable nature means it will hold your fan and ducting together even in high temperature environments. Works wonders at preventing air leaks and is tough yet flexible.

How Phonic Trap Black Tape Works

The adhesive used on Phonic Trap Black Tape is super sticky it will stick to virtually any surfaces. As it bonds it creates a tight seal around joints which is especially useful when it comes to duct fittings as many types of duct tape will flake off after a period of time. Phonic Trap Black Tape bonds for the long term, sealing joints between ducting fittings and can endure high temperatures making it extremely useful for seals around air cooled reflectors.

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1x Roll of Phonic Trap Black Tape 50mm width x 5 metre length


 Support: LDPE + polyester fabric

 Adhesive: synthetic rubber (melt)

 Mesh Density: 26

 Thickness: 220μ

 Adhesion to steel: 28 (N / 25 mm)

 Tensile strength: 105 (N / 25 mm)

 Temperature resistance: -10 ° C to + 75 ° C

How to Use Phonic Trap Black Tape

Place together your ducting and fan on a solid surface, proceed to wrap the tape around the join several times to create a tight seal. The seal should be tight enough to hold together even when you attempt to pull them apart.

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