Pea & Bean Netting 2m X 11m

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  • Plastic netting provides a tough, strong support for climbing plants
  • Easy to attach to a support frame
  • 2m tall - high enough for virtually any climbing plant
  • 11m wide - provides a support for several plants
  • Reuseable
  • Rot-proof & chemical resistant

Pea & Bean Netting 2m X 11m

Pea & Bean Netting is the easiest and simplest way to provide a support for climbing fruit and vegetable plants.

How Pea & Bean Netting Works

Pea & Bean netting is the most economical and simple way to provide a support for most climbing plants. The mesh is similar in gauge to chicken wire and is made of tough, flexible plastic. Our Pea & Bean netting is rot-proof, chemical resistant and can be reused.

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1 x Roll of Pea & Bean Netting 2m X 11m

How to Use Pea & Bean Netting

Simply open the netting out and create a vertical "fence" near to your young climbing plants by securing it with stakes or other fixtures. As the climbing plants grow they will weave themselves in and through the netting as they grow vertically. After your growing season the netting can be taken down and rolled up for easy storage.

Note: This product may cosmetically differ slightly from the one illustrated.

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