Par+ LED Grow Lights

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  • Exceptional value for money - a great way to dip your toe into the world of LEDs
  • Choose between 240 watt and 465 watt models
  • Extremely powerful with an incredible efficiency rating, coming in at 2.4 umols per watt!
  • High end Samsung diodes
  • Lightweight, easy to hang, and even comes with free ratchets to help you
  • Puts out very little heat, making it easier to manage your environment
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind

Full Spectrum Lighting - Made in Britain

Introducing the latest in performance, efficiency and photon distribution. Manufactured to an extremely high standard, the PAR+ grow lights don't compromise when providing you with the best in both photon quality and intensity.

The PAR+ brand has worked tirelessly to build a reputation for creating the highest quality LED grow lights. All of their lighting systems are manufactured in the UK and go through a final assembly process and rigorous quality control in the UK by trained technicians before leaving,  in 100% plain packing with no logos on the box. Officially 'Made In Britain' - Membership Number 3347.

With a huge number of LEDs mounted on a large surface area, anodised 4mm thick plate heat-sink, and additional high-quality deep and far red diodes, you'll be fighting a serious urge to show this off!
Featuring a splash proof conformal coating to protect diodes and make for easy-cleaning, combined with a 5 year warranty from a UK company, you can have real peace-of-mind in the longevity of this light.
With a linear dimmer that can take your lights all the way down to OFF, you'll have the flexibility to adapt to specific growing situations as they change. You'll have full control to select the exact intensity you want with a linear dimmer and won't be limited to a few power options. You can also connect multiple lights together and dim with just one dimmer using the built in RJ ports.
Powered by a single, remotely mounted and disconnectable MeanWell XLG driver; you'll be benefiting from lower temperatures and hang-weights than competitor equivalents. You'll have a total of 7m cable length from the plug to your light. All connectors are waterproof for your safety. 


1 x LED panel with Meanwell Driver, 2 x pair of rope ratchets, 1 x dimmer with RJ connections, 1 x power cable

How to Use the Par+ LED Grow Lights

Setting it up is easy: fit the the metal hangers, then use the rope ratchets to secure the unit to the top of your tent and plug it in at wall socket. 


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