Ozone Direct - Plug-in Ozone Generator

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  • Drastically reduces odours and inhibits mould and bacterial infections
  • Ideal for use inside or outside a grow-room
  • Proudly manufactured in the UK, as well as being fully certified
  • Super-reliable, unlike the cheap copies that fail in a matter of weeks
  • Features a built-in fan to propel ozone out in the room
  • Produces 7mg of ozone per hour (just the right level for small to medium sized rooms)
  • Comes with a sleek and stylish case, and a cool blue LED light

Destroy Smells and Fight Pathogenic Mould and Bacteria with an In-Room Plug-In Ozone Generator

Unlike most ozone generators, this unit can be used both inside and outside the grow-space. This allows you to control odours while neutralising pathogenic mould and bacteria at the same time, reducing the likelihood of encountering issues like powdery mildew. The Plug-in Ozone Generator will keep the air fresh and clean in a small to medium sized spaces, and it's also ideal if you need to get rid of smells in a hurry.

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How the Plug-in Ozone Generator Works

The Plug-in Ozone Generator produces 7mg of ozone every hour. When ozone is released into a room, it neutralises odours, bacteria and mould spores that it come into contact with it, making the air considerably cleaner and fresher-smelling. The Plug-in Ozone Generator is highly effective in small to medium sized rooms. The Ozone Direct - Plug-in Ozone Generator incorporates an On-Off switch and a cool blue LED indicator to let you know when it is switched on.

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1 x Ozone Direct - Plug-in Ozone Generator

How to Use the Plug-in Ozone Generator

If being used in a grow-room, the location of the Ozone Direct - Plug-in Ozone Generator should ideally be on the opposite side of the room to the extraction system. Simply plug the unit into a convenient mains socket. Ensure that the area around the Ozone Direct - Plug-in Ozone Generator is not obstructed, and that air can flow into, out of and around the unit freely.

The Ozone Direct - Plug-in Ozone Generator is incredibly effective at reducing odours. However, it is NOT a replacement for a filter and extraction fan which should still be used to remove stale air from your grow-room.

Warning: Do not inhale the air from directly around the generator as this will be very rich in ozone and therefore could be a hazard to health. Children and animals should be kept out of any area which may contain elevated levels of ozone.

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