Orca Seam Tape 3" x 75 FT

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  • Finishes off your grow room to a professional standard
  • Use with Orca Grow Film to provide the very best reflective surface
  • Easy to use long roll lenght of over 22 metres
  • 94% reflective across the visable light spectrum
  • One of the most reflective materials in the hydropoinc industry

Use ORCA Seam Tape with ORCA Grow Film for 100% Film coverage, no need to worry about gaps

Orca Grow Film Seam Tape is an adhesive tape designed to stick your reflective sheeting to your walls or framework. This Seam Tape is made from the same material used to produce Orca Grow Film, ensuring you won't lose any reflectivity between the gaps.

How Orca Seam Tape works:

With a 99% diffusing surface to ensure even light distribution the Orca Seam Tape measures at 94% reflectivity across the full visible light spectrum, making it one of the most reflective film in the industry. By using Orca Seam Tape and Orca Grow Film your ensuring every inch of your room is reflecting as much light off your walls, back to your plants as possible.

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1x roll of Orca Seam Tape

3 inchs (7.6 cm) wide
75 foot (22.8 metres) long

How to use Orca Seam Tape:

Layout your Orca Grow Film and use the Orca Seam Tape to connect sheets together seamlessly, filling any gaps between between one sheet and the next. Orca Seam Tape can also be used to connect your Orca Grow Film to grow tent frames or wooden frames.

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